Here are the main benefits of cloud accounting: 

  • Increase productivity
  • Benefit from the latest technologies
  • Simplify the implementation of your software
  • Reduce your costs
  • Reduce IT management

Are you tired of backing up every time you close your accounting system? Are you tired of waiting for your accounting app to open every morning? Would you like to be able to access your accounting system regardless of the computer you use?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, it may be time for you to move to a cloud-based accounting software! Let us show you just how beneficial it can be for your business.


1. Increase Your Productivity

In today’s competitive world, it’s important to do everything possible to reduce the time spent on tasks that don’t generate revenue, and cloud-based software offers a way to do just that. Here are some of the benefits :

  • Possibility to download documents (financial reports, etc.) via Excel or API in real time reduces time-consuming data entry and allows quick analysis of extracted data
  • Bank synchronization speeds up the processing of customer and supplier auxiliaries
  • Automation rules (Workflow) can reduce the number of steps in the transaction cycle
  • The integration between the various apps allows you to avoid duplicate entries and errors
  • Create recurrences in the system to avoid having to repeat transactions over and over again.


2. Benefit from the Latest Technology

Technology is constantly evolving. Traditional software is often stagnant and sometimes requires significant investment for upgrades, while cloud software is constantly evolving.

  • Software and apps can adapt to business growth over time
  • Zoho One Suite ecosystem enables integration between multiple related apps
  • Over 400 apps connect with Quickbooks
  • The use of cloud software allows you to stay up to date with the latest technology since updates are done automatically


3. Simplify the Implementation of Your Software

Traditional softwares are often unnecessarily too big for small businesses and require large infrastructures. This is not the case for cloud software.

  • Softwares are flexible according to the needs of the company, you can choose from different plans
  • No installation on a server is required
  • Initial configuration is quick and easy, there are usually online guides
  • You can access your data from any computer or tablet, they make it easier to share your work
  • Most have smartphone access for added flexibility


4. Reduce Costs

  • They require little initial investment other than the monthly subscription fee
  • Several service plans are available (basic, standard, professional)
  • Data entry time can be reduced, either by automating tasks or by reducing double data entry


5. Reduce IT Management

  • Working on a remote server rather than on a workstation is less risky, software vendors must ensure they have backups and redundancy
  • No risk of data loss due to lost or stolen equipment
  • There is no more management of backup copies, no risk related to that either

Have we captured your interest? As you can see, cloud accounting gives you many benefits. Are you wondering about the impact of migrating to a cloud-based accounting solution? Cofinia takes care of the migration process and offers you solutions adapted to your company’s financial needs. 

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