Make payroll management easier for employers and employees with payroll software

Do you want to have peace of mind and not have to manage the payroll anymore? Are you looking for an economical, efficient and secure solution to manage your employees’ payrolls, overtime, deduction of various social benefits, taxes, leave management and more? Consider Cofinia’s payroll management services. In addition, employee payroll data is updated in real time in a completely transparent manner.

Cofinia offers companies a complete payroll management service for your employees.

We use quality payroll software to avoid errors, oversights and ensure the security of your information! Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our solution for SMEs. In addition, all employee data is in one place.

Why entrust your payroll management to Cofinia?

Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Quebec have a lot to gain by using a simple and efficient payroll software. Developing in-house expertise is often costly for companies, both in terms of salary and training time, and results can be slow in coming.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the situation of many small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed workers in Quebec and we have the tools to help them! Entrusting the management of your payroll to Cofinia is:


Save time on payroll processing

Focus on your operations, your business and your growth instead of spending hours each week on your payroll. Our payroll solution is updated automatically. Cofinia takes care of everything for you!

Save Money

With our payroll management services, you only pay for what you need. No need to pay large sums of money each month for an accountant thanks to an efficient payroll software!

Benefit from Our Accountants' Expertise

Our team of accountants offers you resources to assist and guide you through the payroll process, or even take it over completely! Take advantage of Cofinia’s resources.

Avoid Errors and Omissions

Your human resources have more important things to do than correcting payroll errors or omissions. Take a weight off their shoulders with our accurate and timely payroll software.

Cofinia’s Payroll Management Services

Social benefits

Group insurance

Expense Accounts


T4 et Relevé 1

Time Sheet

Payroll Entry

Record of Employment

Annual summaries (CNESST)

Simplify and Optimize Your Employees’ Payments with Cofinia

Security and confidentiality of your payroll information

Our process is efficient, we use proven applications such as EmployeurD, Nethis, ADP and the users’ personal information is well secured. We also make sure that social declarations are automated with our management software.

Security and confidentiality of your payroll information

Of course, payroll management is done under strict surveillance, to protect yours and your employees’ information.

Employee payment simplified by easy configuration

Our payroll software takes care of the calculation of salaries according to the different contributions, vacation days or vacations to pay the net salary to your employees. We make the payment on your behalf according to your payment method (check or direct deposit). The necessary documents and statements are automatically generated and accessible online afterwards.

Avoid year-end tax headaches (T4 and Relevé 1)

The end of the year, with the production of important tax documents such as the T4 and Relevé 1 slips, is a busy time for everyone! Avoid the headaches and focus on the new year by having Cofinia produce your tax documents.

Why not buy the software for your business?


Many people ask why deal with an external accounting management team when they could buy the payroll software and do it themselves. This is a legitimate question for a company looking to maximize its capital, and Cofinia has the answer to this question!


  • First of all, buying payroll software is a big investment. This investment may be worth it for a company with thousands of employees, but for a small business, it is not the best solution.


  • Buying and using software like Nethis or EmployeurD requires expertise and time. If you add up the resources needed to train a specialist and his or her salary over the next few years, it’s a lot of money!


With Cofinia, you only pay for what you use without any additional expenses, and you avoid having to hire an additional employee and benefit from accounting resources: a true turnkey service!

Request your free consultation for our payroll software


You think that entrusting your payroll processing to Cofinia is the solution to your current problems? Or do you want to know how Cofinia can help you administer your employees and manage your documents? Do not hesitate to request a consultation with our experts!

Our accountants will be happy to offer you more information about our services and demonstrate how Cofinia’s payroll software can benefit your company and your employees!

Learn More About Our Accounting Services

What other accounting services does Cofinia offer?

In addition to an excellent payroll service, Cofinia offers bookkeeping services, optimization of your accounting management, or accounting outsourcing services. We also offer several financial services to our clients, such as financial modeling, to help them make informed decisions!

What administrative management software is used by Cofinia?

Cofinia uses payroll software and applications that are recognized in the industry and that have proven themselves for many years with Quebec SMEs, such as EmployeurD, Nethis and ADP.

Cofinia also uses the ZOHO software for many of its services. We have developed an expertise in this software that will allow you to optimize all facets of your business.


Learn more about ZOHO and Cofinia’s payroll software opportunities!

It is important to have good accounting, accounting software and payroll software to save on taxes and optimize the work on pay slips. Cofinia has the expertise and skills to help you save on your taxes!