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The Accounting Support You Need

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

  • Are you experiencing growth but having trouble understanding your financial results?
  • You have more revenue, but profits are lacking?
  • Would you like to be more diligent in your bookkeeping to get a better understanding of your financial statements, but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you making profits but your bank account is always empty?

      Have you found yourself in a similar situation :

      • Bookkeeping is taking up way too much of your time and you are willing to delegate, but don’t need a full-time resource?
      • Your accountant is late in delivering your results and you don’t have answers to your questions?
      • You have considered delegating your bookkeeping processes, but haven’t found the right team where you feel heard and understood?


          Partner up with Cofinia and all these questions will be resolved. Our certified public accountants can help you better understand your financial statements and our outsourcing team can work with you to meet your specific needs.  

          At Cofina, our goal is to help you in every way we can. We have the expertise to meet your accounting outsourcing needs. 

          Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing

          Accounting outsourcing makes it possible to get the best out of each resource profile. At Cofinia, we have 4 resource profiles in the financial management area. It’s like having access to a large company’s accounting department. We have developed our approach to task specialization. This task sharing allows Cofinia to ensure an efficient process so you can focus on other essential aspects for the growth of your company. You will be able to save time to focus elsewhere.  

          Thanks to our team’s expertise, our clients using our accounting outsourcing services receive their monthly reports according to a work plan we previously agreed upon. We are attentive to your needs, we can distribute the workload with your team members, but we make sure to plan the follow-ups and that nothing falls in between! 

          How Can Cofinia’s Accountants Help You?

          Financial modeling and financial risk management require an in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance principles as well as business management – three areas of expertise of Cofinia Conseil.

          Our professional team has the experience to develop reliable financial and risk management models to assist you in your decision making.

          1. Our Team of Experts Can Take Over Your Bookkeeping

          Our team of certified public accountants is ready to help you and handle your accounting. Whether it’s for ongoing needs or occasional analyses, we are able to assist you. Our goal is to be able to accommodate each of our clients to offer them the best possible service. 

          You can trust us with your bookkeeping. We ensure the security of your information when it is shared in order to structure your monthly processes. We have developed an approach that has proven itself with our numerous clients. 

          Does your team want to work digitally, eliminate paper and have access to your accounting operations at all times? Our services and advice are perfect to help you. Here is what we can do for you:

          • Diagnosis of your current situation
          • Migration to a cloud-based accounting solution
          • Turnaround of your bookkeeping
          • Process optimization
          • Recurring bookkeeping and payroll support

          2. Let Cofinia Produce the Professional Analysis and Comprehensive Financial Reports You Need

          With our enviable expertise, we can perform various analyses for your company:

          • Price of cost by products/services
          • Work in progress / project progress calculation
          • Inventory optimization
          • Profitability analysis
          • Financial forecasts
          • Management reports
          • Performance Indicators

          We can adapt our financial reports according to your needs and therefore meet the requirements of your field of activity, the needs of your banking institutions or simply to ensure a reliable follow-up of all your regular or punctual needs.

          3. Benefit From Our Advice and Strategies at Any Time

          Would you like to benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals? Consult our “CFO on demand”! The “CFO on demand” acts as your part-time vice-president of finance, and can assist you and help you see more clearly regarding the financial management of your company.

          Interested in our accounting services?

          Learn More About Accounting Outsourcing

          What Is Accounting Outsourcing?

          When a company outsources its accounting activities to an external accounting company, that first company is doing accounting outsourcing. In other words, a company uses an accounting specialist to take care of this important function of their business. 

          Outsourcing is also known as accounting outsourcing. Companies that use our accounting services and go through the process of accounting outsourcing can focus on their business and other activities of higher importance to them.