A new software from Zoho has just been released! Specially designed for small businesses and self-employed workers, this “light” version of the CRM is now available.

Zoho Bigin is a software that offers many features adapted to small businesses. If you want to manage your micro-business and easily understand all the aspects related to its development, this is the software you need. Whether it’s to follow up on potential customers, transmit offers or expand your business, Bigin offers a full set of CRM features.

You can read on their website, “It’s time for freelancers, independent contractors and micro-businesses to stop using spreadsheets to track customer interactions. Bigin functions like standard Zoho CRM without the endless learning tutorials and at a more affordable price.”

It is meant to be used in its entirety and every feature is useful. When combined with other apps in the Zoho One suite, it becomes even more powerful. Each system in this suite is fully functional, independently of the others. However, when combined, they work together to ensure that your business is well managed.

Zoho Bigin allows small businesses to leave outdated technology behind and make way for an updated and efficient sales process. Bigin is the future of small and micro businesses.


Let’s Explore the Various Features of Bigin

Bigin helps you track and keep your prospects engaged. It combines all of your potential customers’ information and your various contacts in one place. You’ll be able to contact your prospects and customers directly from your CRM, which offers integrated telephony, and add your email account to associate incoming emails from your prospects automatically. Bigin also offers a history of all your contacts’ tweets and allows you to continue the conversation without leaving the system, so you don’t need to open your Twitter account. Finally, Bigin makes communication easy by offering the possibility to create and integrate various customizable web forms.

To manage pipelines, Bigin allows you to track each of your transactions. It includes management tools that make it easier to control your sales pipelines and adapt the various stages to your business’s sector of activity, according to your commercial practices.

To increase the speed of your sales process, Bigin provides process automation to reduce the time spent on each of your transactions. You will receive real-time notifications of your sales and access dashboards to analyze your data.

As you can see, Zoho Bigin offers interesting and useful features for businesses. It is also possible to integrate it with other apps so that your data flows easily between your different platforms. In addition, Bigin is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Cofinia helps companies and entrepreneurs who want to optimize the management of their business. Our experts will take care of the integration of Zoho and can train your staff so that you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by this app. Contact us for more information!

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