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Financial Projections

Profitability Analysis

Scenario Analysis


Business Intelligence


Management Reports

KPIs (Indicators)

Implementation and Training

Needs Analysis

App Configuration

Data Integration


You can’ t get an accurate picture of your financial situation? Your accounting books are not up to date? You have difficulty recruiting qualified accounting personnel? We can take over the financial management of your company. We will optimize your procedures, establish a work schedule to provide quality information according to a schedule agreed upon with you.


Have peace of mind and focus on your goals.


Payroll handling that makes your life easier.



Plan your expenses better according to your income.



To increase your productivity and develop critical skills.


Optimization of Accounting Processes

Make informed decisions.


Do you have the financial resources to accomplish your projects? Are they being used optimally? We will work with you to find out.

Financial Projection

Earnings, balance sheet and cash flow projections.



Sensitivity Analysis

Identify the optimal scenario based on available or targeted resources.

Financial Modeling

Simulate financial projection scenarios according to multiple hypotheses.

Cost Price

Assess and optimize the profitability of your products.

Investment Projects

Speed up your projects by having a clear idea of the costs and impacts on your cash flow.

CFO or Financial Director

For small and medium businesses that need expertise, but not full time.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence is based on over 20 years of experience in providing useful information for decision making.


Give yourself a clear vision of your performance.

Management Reports

Analyze your results in depth.

Performance Indicators

Measure your performance in all areas (sales, marketing, finance, human resources, operations).


Swap multitudes of apps for an integrated suite of over 40 apps to manage all aspects of your business.

System Implementation

Determine the most relevant tools for your business.

Business Process Optimisation

Improve your business processes.

Needs Assessment

Eliminate your current frustrations.


Apps and Software

Have all your information on one platform.

System Configuration

Make the best use of each app according to your needs.

Testimonial From Our Customers

“With the help of Cofinia and Zoho Analytics, I now have the control and information to make informed decisions with dashboards generated from my company’s data.”

Pierre Labonté

Président, Physiotec

“Our software account transfer experience was a success and I give you most of the credit. You are always in solution mode and available to answer our questions.”

Rodolphe Meynier

Président, Celsius

“If I had known about Cofinia’s services earlier, I would have thrown away my old accounting account. Zoho is very easy to use and instinctive, in short, it’s wonderful.

Bernard Gaudreault

Président, Planifika

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