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Zoho Signs: Electronic Signature

Allows you to sign documents online, anytime and from anywhere.

Zoho Vault: Managing and Sharing Passwords

Allows you to store, share and manage passwords used within an organization in an intelligent and secure manner.

Zoho Meeting: Organize Virtual Meetings

Allows you to organize online meetings with your team members, clients and partners, anytime and anywhere.

Zoho Clic : Discuss with Your Teams

An instant messaging software that optimizes the exchange and productivity of teams in the workplace.

Zoho Campaign

Zoho Campaign: Optimized Emails

Allows you to send communication or marketing campaigns to your customers and partners in a targeted and optimized way.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics : Make Informed Business Decisions

Allows you to access information from many sources to get a global view of your business and help you make informed business decisions.


Cash Flow Budget

Helps you organize, plan and better manage your company’s finances.

What Our Clients Think

"Our accounting software migration experience was a success and I give you the most responsibility. You are always in solution mode and available to answer our questions."

Rodolphe Meynier


"With the help of Cofinia and Zoho Analytics, I now have the control and information to make informed decisions with dashboards generated from my company's data."

Pierre Labonté


As our company was greatly affected by the COVID-19 situation, managing our cash flow was a key issue and we had to be able to create various financial scenarios from the most optimistic to the most pessimistic. I expected this task to be laborious, but the cash budget offered by Cofinia proved to be a simple and easy-to-use tool. I recommend it without any hesitation.

Mélanie Verret

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