Whether your company is a small business or a multinational, Zoho Analytics allows you to make informed decisions to maximize your day-to-day management. It is a white-label business intelligence tool that allows you to analyze your company’s performance. Here are some of the features that Cofinia’s team especially appreciates.

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Multiple Software Integration

In order to standardize your technological environment, you can connect multiple databases and data sources and integrate them into a common workspace, where combined information can be presented and reports and tables created.

For example, if you want to assess certain costs, or get accurate data about an account, you can connect to a multitude of data sources, whether it’s Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook, Stripe, Quickbooks, etc… the list goes on. By connecting these apps via Zoho Analytics, you can cross-reference, compare and analyze data from multiple sources to get the bigger picture.

You can also schedule the timing and sequence of synchronization of all data that needs to be transferred from your sources to Zoho Analytics.

With these automated data transfer options, you get the information in a matter of minutes and can then generate advanced reports (balance sheet, profit and loss statements, key indicators of your business, among others). This allows you to analyze your data visually on pivot tables and to better understand your company’s statistics.


Zoho Implementation Steps


Zoho Analytics offers the possibility to transfer your raw data into usable reports or dashboard visualizations.

The app also allows you to track several key performance indicators (KPIs), understand long-term trends and produce medium-term projections based on current trends.

You can create dashboards from the reports you have built to have comprehensive visualizations of your business and your desired analysis.

Also, the Zoho Analytics app is very easy to use. You don’t need to have any programming skills! It is very intuitive and is translated into several languages. The site map is user-friendly and the learning curve is short and efficient.

New Player: Zoho Artificial Intelligence

Zoho has been hosting the brand new “ZIA” (Zoho Artificial Intelligence) module for 1 year, which allows you to ask questions in the app.

E.g.: What is my income per item, per month? Or how many sales per salesperson, per year? Or even which salespeople have made the most sales in the last 2 years. The possibilities of reports are endless.

Once your reports are complete, you can share them with people on your team or outside your team, even if they don’t have a Zoho Analytics account.

You can also export your documents or your Dashboard in any format, be it Excel, PDF, CSV or HTML

Finally, if you have programming skills, you can use the multiple APIs offered by Zoho Analytics:

  • Copy a Dashboard from one account to another
  • Copy reports instantly
  • Many other possible actions

Did you know that Zoho Analytics has a mobile app available on Android and iOS? That’s right! From the app, you can view daily reports without having to use your tablet or computer.


Want to Integrate Zoho Analytics into your Business?

Cofinia‘s team of experts can assist you, guide you and answer your questions as they come up. Using Zoho Analytics has many benefits for your company. Supporting Zoho Analytics is easy and beneficial for fast-growing companies looking to track their progress.

If you require support with Zoho Analytics, Cofinia can train you on how to use this app from the Zoho suite and help you with the implementation process within your company.

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