As a business, it makes sense to state that a good customer experience translates into a more sustainable and monetizable customer base. Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are essential tools to fill the gap between a customer and their relationship with a company in order to provide an excellent experience. Zoho has made a name for itself in this area and is arguably the most successful SaaS enterprise software company you’ve ever heard of.


About Zoho

With over 20 years of technology experience, Zoho offers a suite of integrated software apps for small, medium and large businesses. Zoho launched in 2005 with its Zoho CRM platform and has since released several other software apps that integrate seamlessly with different business departments. Zoho One is a suite of integrated software apps that combines more than 40 apps to create a connected operating system for business. Zoho has more than 50 million users in over 180 countries

What has made Zoho successful and well known is its CRM platform. When people think of a sale, they think of the point of sale (POS). The POS is where the sale takes place, but it’s not where the sale begins or is finalized. A sale usually starts with a prospect and some advertising and leads to the POS and, in many cases, multiple outlets.


Zoho’s Ecosystem

Zoho One is evolutionary in its apps and services and is customizable to different companies’ needs and their own customers. Companies can start with Zoho CRM and over time, implement other apps and services. In the process of adopting Zoho’s platform, the software apps can be integrated with other apps such as G suite.

Sales and customer interaction are changing. For an optimal experience, more customers are interacting during pre-sales, sales and post-sales. All sales interactions must be evolving. Zoho’s solution is to make its integrated software apps, especially Zoho One, customizable both vertically and horizontally.

When all software apps are connected across all departments in a company, they tend to make progress on projects and achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. Collaboration is done proactively as information is shared from one app to another across departments.


Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis

Zoho has more than 45 apps connected to artificial intelligence, search and analytics. This means that apps are personalized based on the customer’s contextual data. A personalization layer unifies Zoho’s services with its apps. All Zoho services are optimized on the network and its database.

One of the many ways Zoho is unifying and connecting its platform horizontally and vertically is by implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into its software. Zoho’s artificial intelligence is implemented across all software apps to obtain contextualized data where it is most relevant. ZIA is Zoho’s intelligent assistant for Zoho’s enterprise operating system.


Zoho One Benefits 

Here are the main benefits of integrating Zoho One software in your business:

  • Over 45 integrated apps
  • One invoice for the use of different Zoho apps
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Centralized administrative control
  • Customized management
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Latest generation security systems
  • Zoho apps available for Android and iOS
  • Fixed monthly cost

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Zoho’s Competitors on the Market

The difference between Zoho and other CRM platforms like Salesforce, Sugar and Highrise is that Zoho focuses on an enterprise operating system. Salesforces is a larger company and has over 2,600 apps as well as its own business suite. Sugar CRM focuses on cloud innovations and information management. Highrise focuses on customer and user relationships. Zoho focuses on bringing all of these functionalities together to create an all-in-one operating system for businesses.


Want to Integrate Zoho One into your Business? 

The challenge of implementing software in a business is to connect all the data without compromising a customer’s individual experience. But, don’t worry, software integration (Zoho One) is our specialty.

As a Zoho One partner, Cofinia‘s goal is to work in a digital and integrated way and to make Zoho One its preferred software application suite. As a result, we help many businesses optimize their accounting, financial and business intelligence management. Contact us for more information!


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