Nowadays, does your company have a real brand image if it’s not on social networks? It’s impossible not to admit that social networks are essential to showcase brands, products, services and even ideas.

As customers’ presence in social media grows, deploying an effective communication strategy remains a major challenge for organizations looking to create a real difference for their business.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, account manager, graphic designer, videos and content strategy are all elements that contribute to the communication strategy. However, you still need to have effective tools.

Cofinia is already a big fan of the various Zoho apps, so we opted for the Zoho Social app to help us plan and manage our social networks efficiently.


What Is Zoho Social?

Zoho Social is an all-in-one social media management platform that syncs your Zoho user with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. account. It allows companies to proactively meet their customers’ needs by improving communication and marketing of its products and services.

Nowadays, online presence is essential for companies to maintain their competitive edge and expand their business.  Zoho Social allows companies to increase their presence on social networks with a variety of marketing tools.

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Why Use Zoho Social?

1.   All Your Marks in One Place

As part of Zoho One, Zoho Social allows you to manage your different company brands and pages all in one place.

The Agency and Agency Plus subscription, offers you the opportunity to group between 10 and 20 brands (your company name, logos, favicon and custom domain). Each brand includes a total of 7 channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook group, Twitter, Linkedin enterprise and Google my business listing).

2.   Management and Planning of Your Publications

Prepare your publication drafts in Zoho Social and finish them later! The app allows you to prepare, plan and manage your various posts on your social networks and edit them as many times as you want, as long as they haven’t been published yet!

Post on all your platforms from Zoho Social. As we all know, time is precious for a company and its workers. When you can publish on multiple networks at once, it’s a time saver and a winner!

The publishing calendar gives you complete control over your content pipeline. Schedule posts for later, drag and drop to space them out over time, and work closely with your team to build a better content strategy for your brand.

In addition, it is possible to publish live or schedule your posts for a specific date and time.You can also set your time slots to publish your content in advance and then select the Add to Queue function which will place your post in the next available time slot.

What’s also great about Zoho Social is the SmartQ Slot publishing feature that allows you to publish when your audience is most active. This feature shows you the best times to schedule your content based on audience engagement for each of your networks. Simply choose from the suggested schedule!

You can then easily view your posting schedule to get an overview by week or by month.

3.   Work with Your Team

With Zoho Social, no more mistakes or oversights. Whether you are alone, or multiple people working on content, communication is simplified within your team! Even more, external communication is also facilitated since it is possible to add your team members or even collaborators outside your team to manage your social networks. You can assign them all your social networks or just a few. It’s up to you!

Moreover, no more scattered discussions (email, chat, etc.) to comment on the work between collaborators on the planning of your social networks, because with Zoho Social you can discuss the content in progress, within the app. Nothing better than to centralize all your planning work in one place. You won’t lose any information!

4.   Monitoring Dashboard

Zoho Social centralizes your social networks and allows you to interact with your users in real time through the monitoring dashboard. This feature allows you to create columns to track your reviews, keywords or mentions. You can view all your engagements live to respond to users who interact with your brand on social platforms.

5.   CRM Integration

Zoho Social is one of the many software apps integrated in Zoho One. This is a great way to generate and synchronize your social media leads to Zoho CRM.

It’s one thing to post relevant and quality content to keep your audience engaged, but it’s another thing to convert them into customers. With the Lead Generation feature, you can integrate Zoho Social with Zoho CRM and add people who contacted you through your social networks and convert them into contacts and potentially future customers!


Zoho Social Features

Zoho Social’s platform is designed to optimize the planning, monitoring, collaboration and analysis of social network data. Here are its main features:

For planning:

  • Posting schedule
  • Content Queues
  • Block scheduling

For Monitoring:

  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Live stream
  • Direct Messages

For collaboration:

  • Roles and permissions
  • Chat function (start a conversation with your team members)
  • Identification of your team members

For analysis:

  • Statistics and analysis of your company’s performance
  • Customized reports
  • Report scheduling

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Want to Integrate Zoho Social into your Business?

As a Zoho One partner, Cofinia has made it its mission to work digitally and in an integrated way and to make Zoho One its preferred suite of software apps. As a result, we help many companies optimize their accounting, financial and business intelligence management. Contact us for more information!