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Our business intelligence coaching service is based on over 20 years of experience in providing information relevant to strategic decision-making. Our team of experts has the skills and knowledge to solve complex organizational issues and implement customized technology environments to achieve your goals.

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What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence is “the set of processes and technologies that enable management and executives to make more informed decisions”. (Philippe Torres).

Data collection, information organization, exploitation and analysis: business intelligence is now considered as a specialization in itself in order to equip business leaders to make informed decisions.

How important is business intelligence?

Business intelligence is based on 3 fundamental questions: Why? What? How?

In other words: what elements of your business do you want to have more visibility on, what data are these elements based on and how do you collect this data on a daily basis?

The benefits of business intelligence in your company

Customized solutions for your needs

Business intelligence adapts to the specific needs of each company, leveraging an underutilized asset, your data.

Optimization of your processes

The simplification of processes allows the automation of tasks and the improvement of productivity, which can represent significant savings, while ensuring the quality of information.

A global vision of your business

A dashboard allows you to centralize and view all your information in an organized way to save time and make more informed decisions.

Strategic decision making

By bringing data to life, we can help you analyze your situation with greater clarity to save you time and money and make better decisions.

Business intelligence tools

Performance indicators

Measure your performance in all areas (sales, marketing, finance, human resources, operations). You know what you want? We can translate it into a customized dashboard. We can also propose indicators and dashboards according to your industry.

Where do I start?

What are your objectives? What are your performance indicators? What are the issues you want to solve? Most importantly, are you ready to change?

These are the first questions we will ask you.

Business intelligence requires in-depth thinking, a global vision and a cohesive management team: we are here to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We chose the Zoho suite for its unparalleled quality-price ratio in the market.

Yes, whether it’s a few hours a month or sporadically, you can make an appointment directly on our site. Our technical support team will be able to evaluate your problem and propose solutions.

The easiest way is to have an initial meeting at no charge to evaluate your project. No broken promises, if we are not the right partner for your project, we will not waste your time and money.