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At Cofinia, we offer a service for SMEs and entrepreneurs who want to optimize the financial management of their business.

Our experts take care of the integration of Zoho Books for your company and train your staff so that you take advantage of all the advantages offered by this technological solution.

Our advisors take a look at your financial management processes and the information you have to make your decisions. Too often, accounting systems are underutilized. Management accounting and cost accounting is one of our strengths, let us help you see more clearly in your business.

Our team of professionals also do bookkeeping on Zoho Books for over 50 clients monthly, we know what we’re talking about!

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Assessing your business needs

Our experts at Cofinia first analyze your company’s needs in order to define with you the main objectives to be achieved in order to maximize your productivity and propel your growth!

Strategy and Action Plan with Zoho Books

Depending on the established objectives, we then determine the optimal strategy to adopt to configure the tool in such a way as to give you useful management information to make your decisions. We design an action plan detailing the steps to follow according to a well-defined timetable. This personalized approach guarantees a process that adapts to your exact needs!

Zoho Books Implementation and Training

Finally, we proceed to the complete integration of Zoho Books by automating the manual tasks which will allow you to increase your productivity, save time and reduce your costs. Our experts also take care of the training of your staff!

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Relying solely on technology tools to grow your business is not enough. If you combine the right tools with the expertise of Cofinia accounting professionals to improve the financial management of your company, you will have a better view of your financial situation.

Better information structure, better cost allocation, better bookkeeping processes, here are some simple examples of what we can do for you.

But we can go much further, budget or long-term financial forecasts, performance indicators, cost price analysis, inventory management, management of work in progress, our expertise in accounting and financial management is most complete.

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Features of Zoho books

Contact management

Project time tracking

Online payments

Sales invoices

Multilingual invoice templates

Collaborative customer portal

Quotation and Order Form

Inventory management

Supplier orders

Credit card expenses

Automatic bank flows

Mobile application

What is Zoho Books?

Zoho Books is an intelligent cloud-based accounting system that helps control accounting for small and medium businesses. It is a complete software that simplifies the financial management of companies. With the help of Cofinia, you will learn how to use this tool to your advantage and our experts will automate the necessary Zoho Books modules to save you time and money. Instead of spending endless hours entering data, you can focus your efforts on growing your business!

Quick and easy sending of invoices

Connection to Canadian banks

A collaborative customer portal

Efficient inventory management

Simplified document management

Detailed and comprehensive reports

Real time accounting

Management and follow-up of your projects

Available in several languages

Migrate from your current software to Zoho Books

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Frequently Asked Questions - Zoho

It depends on your operations. Both are very good choices, but the philosophies of the software vendor differ. Zoho Books works with an ecosystem of applications (CRM, Project, Expenses in particular) that connect easily. It can also connect to third-party apps, just like Quickbooks.

Zoho Books does simple inventory tracking, but the Zoho Inventory application allows you to manage complex inventory processes, for example for eCommerce companies or distribution companies.

Alix combined with Zoho Books supports the needs of manufacturing companies.

Zoho Books is a very versatile app. It is possible to add custom fields, buttons and functions to adapt the solution to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Zoho Books has a mobile app, you can take photos of your receipts. For more complete management of your employees’ expense accounts, Zoho Expenses is the ideal solution.

Zoho helps businesses manage their customer relationship by providing them with a set of comprehensive management tools. Zoho Books can be used to manage business invoicing and finances. Zoho Sites can be used for creating websites to improve communication with customers.

Additionally, Zoho can be integrated with other services for better customer data analysis and better management decision making. Additionally, Zoho offers training to help businesses use the tools effectively. In short, Zoho helps companies improve their customer relationship management at all levels.

Zoho can be integrated with other services to optimize sales using tools such as Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho Analytics. Zoho SalesIQ can help establish more effective communication with potential customers, while Zoho Analytics can provide insight into market trends and buying habits to help develop optimized sales strategies.

Additionally, Zoho can be integrated with other project management applications for more efficient management of sales-related tasks. Companies can also use Zoho to automate certain tasks to improve productivity and efficiency in sales management.

Zoho offers many features for managing projects. Using Zoho, businesses can plan and organize their projects, assign tasks and responsibilities to their teams, track project progress, and communicate effectively with team members. Zoho also offers tools for managing resources, budgets, and deadlines, as well as reporting options for in-depth project analysis.

Additionally, Zoho can be integrated with other tools for more efficient project management, such as customer relationship management tools and inventory management solutions.

In sum, Zoho is a complete project management software that provides all the necessary features to plan, manage and monitor projects efficiently.

Zoho can be used as management software for businesses by providing a variety of solutions for different aspects of business management. Zoho can handle finance, sales, customer relations, human resources, and project management, while offering integration with other departments for efficient process optimization.

Zoho also offers tools for analysis and reporting, as well as options for training and management skills development. By using Zoho, companies can automate many processes, improve communication and collaboration between teams, and get a complete overview of their business through Business Intelligence options. In short, Zoho is a comprehensive business management tool that helps companies streamline and optimize their processes for more efficient management.

Of course, I can answer briefly. Zoho can help business development by providing a variety of tools for managing customers, sales, projects, finances, and more. It allows integration with other services for better performance, data analysis to make better decisions, automation to improve efficiency and training for users. Zoho offers support for business, accounting and general business development.

Yes, Zoho is available for companies based in Quebec. It is a complete management tool that offers solutions for managing sales, customer relations, projects, accounting, HR, etc. It offers integration with popular tools and dedicated customer service to meet customer needs.

In short, Zoho is an excellent choice for Quebec-based companies looking for a complete management tool to improve their commercial, financial and human resources management, as well as to facilitate site creation and invoicing.

Yes, Zoho Books provides a comprehensive invoicing system that allows you to create and send invoices to your customers.

Yes, Zoho Books allows you to track all your transactions, including bills, expenses, and revenue, and provides real-time reports to help you stay on top of your finances.

Zoho Books offers various plans to accommodate different business sizes and budgets. You can add additional users to your account based on your plan.

Yes, you can track all your vendor bills and expenses in Zoho Books and categorize them for easier reporting.

Yes, Zoho Books provides the ability to track time spent on projects and assign expenses to specific projects for better project management.

Zoho Books automates many of the tedious and repetitive accounting tasks, such as tracking expenses and generating financial reports, so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Yes, Zoho Books offers a free trial period to help you evaluate the software and determine if it’s right for your business.

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