At Cofinia, we offer a service for SMEs and entrepreneurs who want to optimize the financial management of their business.

Our experts take care of the integration of Zoho Books for your company and train your staff so that you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by this technological solution.

Our consultants take a look at your financial management processes and the information you have to make decisions. Too often, accounting systems are under-utilized. Management accounting and cost accounting is one of our strengths, let us help you see your business more clearly.

Our team of professionals also performs accounting on Zoho Books for over 50 clients monthly, we know what we are talking about!

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Assessment of your company's needs

Our experts at Cofinia first analyze your company’s needs in order to define with you the main objectives to reach in order to maximize your productivity and propel your growth!

Strategy and action plan

Based on the established objectives, we then determine the optimal strategy to adopt to configure the tool in order to provide you with useful management information to make your decisions. We design an action plan detailing the steps to be taken according to a well-defined schedule. This personalized approach ensures a process that is tailored to your specific needs!

Implementation and training

Finally, we proceed to the complete integration of Zoho Books by automating the manual tasks that will allow you to increase your productivity, save time and reduce your costs. Our experts also take care of training your staff!

This is how Cofinia creates value for its clients

Relying solely on technology tools to grow your business is not enough. If you combine the right tools with the expertise of Cofinia’s accounting professionals to improve your company’s financial management, you will have a better view of your financial situation.

Better information structure, better cost allocation, better bookkeeping processes – these are just a few simple examples of what we can do for you.

But we can go much further, budgeting or long-term financial forecasts, performance indicators, cost price analysis, inventory management, work in progress management, our expertise in accounting and financial management is very complete.

Features of Zoho books

Contact management

Project time tracking

Online payments

Sales invoices

Multilingual invoice templates

Collaborative customer portal

Quotation and Order Form

Inventory management

Supplier orders

Credit card expenses

Automatic bank flows

Mobile application

What is Zoho Books?

Zoho Books is an intelligent cloud-based accounting system that controls the accounting of small and medium-sized businesses. It is a comprehensive software that simplifies the financial management of businesses. With the help of Cofinia, you will learn how to use this tool to your advantage and our experts will automate the necessary modules of Zoho Books to save you time and money. Instead of spending endless hours entering data, you can focus your efforts on growing your business!

Quick and easy sending of invoices

Connection to Canadian banks

A collaborative customer portal

Efficient inventory management

Simplified document management

Detailed and comprehensive reports

Real time accounting

Management and follow-up of your projects

Available in several languages

Migrate from your current software to Zoho Books

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your operations. Both are very good choices, but the philosophies of the software vendor differ. Zoho Books works with an ecosystem of applications (CRM, Project, Expenses among others) that connect easily. It can also connect to third-party applications, just like Quickbooks.

Zoho Books does simple inventory tracking, but the Zoho Inventory application can handle complex inventory processes, for example for ECommerce companies or distribution companies.

Alix combined with Zoho Books supports the needs of manufacturing companies.

Zoho Books is a very versatile application. It is possible to add fields, buttons and custom functions to adapt the solution to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Zoho Books has a mobile application, you can take pictures of your receipts. For a more complete management of your employees’ expense accounts, Zoho Expenses is the perfect solution.