Financial risk management in business - Financial management service for SMEs

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Do you have the necessary financial resources to carry out your projects? Are they used optimally? Maybe you need help with the financial risk management of your business?

We work with you to see the financial risks of your business as clearly as possible. The Cofinia team offers various financial support services for small and medium-sized businesses in order to optimize your control and financial health and add value to your business. Gain confidence with Cofinia accounting services!

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What is a financial model?

A financial model is a tool used to predict the future financial performance of a company and the evolution of its financial results. The forecasts are based on current and historical data of the company and take into account different assumptions and scenarios in order to draw a realistic portrait.

Status of the results

Balance sheet

Cash flow

What is financial risk in business?

Financial risk refers to the risk associated with any form of loss of money as a result of a financial transaction or an economic transaction having a financial impact.

No matter the size of the organization, business leaders devote time and energy to planning the financial strategy, putting in place an optimal financial structure, analyzing the market and the competition and ensuring sustainable growth based on trends. future.

Cofinia is there to help you identify probable financial risks, find solutions to reduce their impact or a game plan to get rid of them. Investing for a dynamic financial model like that of Cofinia will help you gain confidence.

Our expertise in financial modeling and financial risk management

Financial modeling and financial risk management require in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance principles as well as business management – ​​the three spheres of expertise of Cofinia Consulting.

Our team of professionals has the necessary experience to develop reliable financial and risk management models to support you in your decision-making. Do business with Cofinia for professional management of your company’s finances. With a modern management model, we have the answers, solutions and advice regardless of your current financial situation.


“The Cofinia team supports us with professionalism, availability and kindness, assets that make all the difference! »

Karina Lehoux
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“Cofinia’s diversified expertise has enabled our SME to have access to several specialists. Their multidisciplinary work ensures that they have the right answers and solve problems quickly. »

Roxanne Bélanger

“Cofinia’s diversified expertise has enabled our SME to have access to several specialists. Their multidisciplinary work ensures that they have the right answers and solve problems quickly. »

Rodolphe Meynier

Our business services

The implementation of a financial modeling service makes it possible to simulate future financial performance and to present the evolution of the company with forecast financial statements. To do this, you must be based on real data and take into account different hypotheses and scenarios in order to draw a realistic portrait of your situation. These projections will help you make more informed decisions.

A detailed financial projection service makes it possible to calculate, from a financial and accounting point of view, what will be the performance of your company or a project in a given future in order to anticipate your possible profits or losses. Cofinia analyzes the cause and effect relationships between your company’s growth objectives, the investments required for this purpose and the methods of their financing. Financial projection services are needed all the time for growing businesses planning exponential expansion. The smallest financial problem can have big consequences for small to medium-sized businesses. With Cofinia’s financial projection, you invest in your future financial security.

Risk management begins with identifying the financial risks that could affect your business. Our team takes care of analyzing the balance sheet of your company in order to obtain an overview of your liquidities, your debts, the interest rate risk, your investments, etc. We also review the income statement and cash flow statement to determine short, medium and long-term needs to achieve your goals.

Assessing your return on investment provides valuable insight into your business and financial management. This strategy allows you to compare the financial risks of your projects, allowing you to identify the risks that you consider acceptable.

The cost price is an essential element of good business management, because it determines the minimum selling price at which you can sell your products or services. The Cofinia team takes care of calculating this price in order to analyze and understand the costs associated with your products/services and to optimize their profitability.

Do you have questions related to the financial management of your company or your startup? You do not have the expertise in-house or you are looking for professionals with more experience in accounting and finance, but you are not at the stage of creating a full-time position? To fill this need, we offer the service of CFO or financial director for SMEs; part-time, a few hours a month or a few hours a week. By choosing a Cofinia CFO or CFO, you take advantage of the advanced expertise of our candidates.

Do you need an external CFO or financial support in your company?

Cofinia advantages

There are several advantages to using Cofinia’s services. First of all, you will have a professional management of financial risks in business made by our experts. In addition, by doing business with Cofinia, you accept the advice of the best accounting leaders. This will allow you to expand your business without losing control of your finances. Join the many satisfied customers of Cofinia’s financial risk management service!

More cooperation and collaboration

We get involved as part of your team to understand your needs and goals in depth. We assist you in strategic decision-making in financial areas.

Achievement of goals

Our senior resources, with more than 20 years of experience, have carried out several entrepreneurship support mandates in the last 4 years. We have therefore been confronted with various problems and have the necessary experience to offer you innovative solutions in order to achieve your objectives. The skills of our team increase the success rate of your company.

Tailor-made business finance management service

At Cofinia, we go beyond simple financial advice for companies. We analyze in depth the needs and challenges of your business in order to develop strategies that optimize your financial management. We also help you integrate the best technological tools to automate your processes: opt for more financial assurance with Cofinia today!