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Cofinia offers services for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs who want to optimize the financial management of their company. Our experts take care of the integration of Zoho Books into your business and train your staff so that you can take advantage of all the financial benefits offered by this technological solution. Our team of professionals will take care of all your accounting needs!

What Is Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an intelligent cloud-based accounting system that controls the accounting of small and medium-sized businesses. It is a comprehensive software that simplifies the financial management of businesses. With the help of Cofinia, you can learn how to use this tool to your advantage and our experts will automate the necessary modules of Zoho Books to save you time and money. Instead of spending endless hours inputting data, you can focus on growing your business!

Benefits of Zoho Books


Quick and easy invoice sending


Connection to Canadian banks

Collaborative customer portal

Efficient inventory management

Simplified document management

Detailed and complete reports

Real-time accounting

Management and follow-up of your projects

Available in several languages

Steps of Implementation of Zoho Books with Cofinia


Needs Assessment of Your Business

Cofinia’s experts will first assess your company’s needs in order to define your main objectives to maximize your productivity and propel your growth!


Strategy and Plan of Action

Based on the established goals, we then determine the optimal strategy to configure the tool to provide useful management information to make informed decisions. We create an action plan detailing the steps to be taken according to a well-defined schedule. This personalized approach ensures a customized process that fits your specific needs!


Implementation and Training

Finally, we proceed to the complete integration of Zoho Books by automating the manual tasks that will allow you to increase your productivity, save time and reduce your costs. Our experts also take care of training your staff!

Zoho Books Features

Contact management


Project time tracking

Online payments


Sales invoices


Multilingual invoice templates

Collaborative customer portal

Quotes and Purchase Orders

Inventory management

Supplier orders

Credit card expenses

Flux bancaires automatiques

Mobile app

Comprehensive reports and dashboards with Zoho Analytics

Comprehensive accounting

Tax management


 “Relying solely on technological tools to grow your business is not enough. If you combine the right tools with the expertise of professionals in the field then… you will be guaranteed to exceed your financial goals and propel the growth of your business!”

Here Is How Cofinia Creates Value for Their Clients with Zoho Books


Improved financial reporting structure



Workflow automation and customization


Real-time access to financial data


Automatic email reminders to customers about payments


Access to financial reports in your email or on mobile


Real time inventory management


Creation of useful dashboards for decision making


Support from our Zoho Books experts in English and French


Training on Zoho Books features and functionality

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Frequently Asked Questions?

I Want to Move to a Cloud Accounting Software, Should I Choose Zoho Books or Quickbooks?

It depends on your operations. Both are very good choices, but the software vendor’s philosophies differ. Zoho Books works with a whole ecosystem of apps(CRM, Project, Expenses among others) that connect easily. It can also connect to third-party apps, just like Quickbooks.

I Need Help to Improve Cash Flow Management, Can You Help Me?

We have indeed developed tools to help you see your cash management more clearly. Do not hesitate to call us, we can establish simple indicators that can help you.

I Would Like to Outsource My Accounting as I Don't Need Someone Full Time, Can You Take Care of It?

Yes, whether it’s a few hours a month or a week, we can take care of the accounting and payroll. Our resources are trained on Zoho Books and Quickbooks. We can help you with the migration if needed.

I Waste a Lot of Time Producing Excel Reports Related to my Financial Data, Is it Possible to Automate Everything?

We work with Zoho Analytics which connects to a number of apps (Zoho, Quickbooks, Xero, etc), it is possible to receive your reports by email in PDF or excel sheet at the desired interval.

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