Bookkeeping - The bookkeeping service to help your business make sense of it all!

Do you lack the time to keep your books? You don’t have the expertise or resources to manage your accounting? You have difficulty hiring an accounting technician? You only need a few hours per month? Cofinia is the solution for you.
The Cofinia team is made up of accountants, accounting technicians and financial analysts who have the expertise and knowledge to provide excellent bookkeeping, financial analysis and consulting services for your business! Whether it is to take charge of your bookkeeping or to train and guide your employees towards better management of your company’s accounting entries, you can count on us.

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You are an SME and you are looking for a trusted partner to take care of your company’s bookkeeping. From a few hours to a few days per month, Cofinia offers you more benefits than if you had an employee doing it! Optimizing your bookkeeping is the first step towards financial success for you or your business, and allows you to focus on your operations and projects with peace of mind.

Bank reconciliation

To ensure the accuracy of your accounting records, reconciliations help avoid errors and the arduous work of research at year-end.

End of month entries

We make sure that the accounting entries give the true picture during the year, not just 3 months after the year end!

Expense account

Make sure all your transactions are accounted for and that your financial statements reflect reality.

Financial Statements

We take care of all your company’s interim financial statements. Choose our services for accurate and reliable financial statements during the year.

Tax rebates

Simplify your taxes by entrusting them to accountants. We calculate and prepare the tax reports, you just have to transmit your payments.

Accounting adjustment

Our team and services can help you turn around or restructure your company’s accounting, optimize your processes and train your team.


Are you experiencing staff turnover?

You have questions but your technicians don’t know what to answer?

You would like to have interim financial statements more quickly?

You want to borrow for your growth project, but your accounting is not up to date?

1- Ideal bookkeeping service for SMEs

Are you a growing SME? It’s very possible that you need all your internal resources to grow your business. Cofinia can take the burden off your shoulders by taking over your bookkeeping, saving you time and money today!

2- A team of chartered professional accountants

Take advantage of accountants who understand the intricacies of accounting and sales tax processing! We follow the new rules to ensure good accounting health and help you make the best financial decisions for your business.

3- A service that meets your specific needs

Each of our clients is in a unique situation with different needs and objectives. Cofinia is here to help you succeed with our bookkeeping services, whether it’s outsourcing or training your employees!

4- Reliable and confidential accounting

Cofinia takes to heart the quality of its accounting management to offer you an accurate overview of your business. We ensure a quality and confidential service at all times for our clients. Optimize the management and administration of your business with our accounting services!

Request your free consultation for our bookkeeping services

Do you think that entrusting your bookkeeping to Cofinia is the solution to your current problems? Or do you want to know how Cofinia can help you with your accounting and growth? Do not hesitate to request a consultation with our experts!

Our accountants will be happy to offer you more information about our services and demonstrate how outsourcing your bookkeeping can benefit your business!


Both solutions have advantages, contact us to learn more.

Yes, we have simple tools to help you see things clearly.

It depends on your needs. Generally speaking, we work on a long-term basis for clients for a maximum of 1 day per week. We do not do taxes and notice to reader, review or audit mission.

Absolutely, we have excel experts who can help you. You can also consult our toolbox.