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You don’t have enough time to keep your books? You don’t have the expertise or the resources necessary to ensure your accounting management and financial reporting? Cofinia is the solution for you

The Cofinia team is composed of professional accountants and experienced bookkeepers who have the expertise and knowledge to provide excellent bookkeeping services for your business! Whether it is to take charge of your bookkeeping or to train and guide your employees towards better management of your company’s accounting entries, you can count on us.

Whether you are a small business, self-employed or a large corporation, we can help you.

Our Bookkeeping Services

Whether you are a small or medium-sized business (SME) or a self-employed person, entrusting your accounting books to Cofinia offers you the same advantages! Optimizing your bookkeeping is the first step towards financial success for you or your business, and allows you to focus your valuable time on your operations and projects with peace of mind.

Bank reconciliation

Guarantee the accuracy of your accounting records with Cofinia’s services.

Expenses Account

Simplify your expense account management with the best accounting tools.


End of Month Entries

Make sure all your transactions are accounted for and that your financial statements are in order each month.

Financial Statements

We take care of your company’s financial statements. Choose our services for accurate and reliable financial statements.

Tax Rebates

Simplify your taxes by trusting certified public accountants. We take care of the calculation and payment of taxes for you.


Business Turnaround

Our team and services can help you straighten out or restructure your company’s accounting

Optimization of Your Accounting Processes

The success of a business depends on solid accounting management! Let our team optimize your bookkeeping and accounting processes.

Why outsource your accounting?

Accounting management should be the priority of all businesses that want to perform at their full potential! Bookkeeping is especially important: accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping allows you to know your financial situation instantly and make decisions quickly.

However, this process can be time-consuming and requires expertise that many SMEs do not yet have. Developing this expertise internally with an accounting department is expensive, not only in terms of salary, but also in terms of training time: choosing Cofinia’s services allows you to focus your time and resources on creating value for your business!

The advantages of outsourcing your bookkeeping

Outsourcing your company’s accounting management and bookkeeping brings you a lot of advantages, especially with Cofinia! We listen to you while being proactive. No obstacle is too big for us and even if the situation seems hopeless, we will know how to help you. That’s the Cofinia guarantee!

1- Ideal Bookkeeping Service for SMEs

Is your SME growing rapidly? It’s very likely that you may need all your internal resources to grow your business. Cofinia can take the burden off your shoulders by taking over your bookkeeping, saving you time and money!

2- A Team of Chartered Professional Accountants

Take advantage of accountants who understand the intricacies of the Quebec accounting and tax world! We follow the latest rules to ensure good accounting and help you make the best financial decisions for your business.

3- A Service That Meets Your Specific Needs

Each of our clients is in a unique situation with different needs and goals. Cofinia is here to help you succeed with our bookkeeping services, whether you choose to outsource or train your employees!

4- Reliable and Confidential Accounting

Cofinia takes the quality of its accounting management seriously in order to provide you with an accurate overview of your business. We ensure a quality and confidential service at all times for our clients. Optimize the management and administration of your business with our accounting services!

Request your free consultation for our bookkeeping services

You think that entrusting your bookkeeping to Cofinia is the solution to your current problems? Or do you want to know how Cofinia can help you with your accounting and growth? Don’t hesitate to request a consultation with our experts!


Our accountants will be happy to offer you more information about our services and demonstrate how outsourcing your bookkeeping can benefit your business!

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What is bookkeeping in accounting?

In accounting, bookkeeping means keeping financial records and balancing them (trial balance). There are several types of bookkeeping, the most common of which are:

  • the petty cash
  • the general ledger, the purpose of which is to detail each transaction (purchases, payments, sales of products and/or services, exchanges, deductions, etc.)
  • the income statement, which presents the revenues minus the expenses for a given period of time
  • the balance sheet, which shows all the assets, as well as all the debts and equity of an organization at a given time
  • the cash flow, finally, makes it possible to anticipate and forecast the amount of cash flow over the life of the company by comparing revenues and expenses

Depending on the division of labor agreed upon at the outset, the bookkeeper may have different roles and tasks: preparing paychecks, writing invoices, organizing tax forms, preparing other government documents and statistical, financial or accounting reports. Many types of documents need to be processed and analyzed. The implementation of a proper system can greatly reduce your accounting costs.

Am I legally required to keep an accounting book in Quebec?

Yes, maintaining an accurate and up to date book of accounts is required for every business in Quebec. This book can be in electronic or paper form and must be made available to Revenu Québec for verification. Quebec businesses must keep records for 6 years.

Those accounting records must indicate daily and chronologically all operations that transform the assets of a business, according to Quebec requirements. They include revenues and expenses, amounts collected for GST and QST, taxes paid and all other useful information.

Does good bookkeeping help my taxes?

Keeping accurate books of account can help you with your tax return and help you save money, for example by easily finding tax deductible expenses. Good bookkeeping and tax filings also helps you in many situations, for example when you want to prove that certain income is not business income and therefore not taxable for income tax purposes.

It is therefore important to have good bookkeeping in order to save taxes. Cofinia has the expertise and skills to help you save on your taxes!

What other accounting services does Cofinia offer?

In addition to excellent bookkeeping services, Cofinia offers payroll management services, optimization of your accounting management, and accounting outsourcing services. We also offer several business financial services to our clients, such as financial modeling, to help them make informed decisions!

What software does Cofinia use?

Cofinia uses software and applications that are recognized in the industry and that have proven themselves for many years with Quebec SMEs, such as EmployeurD, Nethis and ADP.

Cofinia also uses the ZOHO software for many of its services. We have developed an expertise in this software that will allow you to optimize all facets of your business.

How can accounting software help you?

Accounting software is a computer program that is designed to simplify the work of accountants and bookkeepers. These programs can be used by anyone, whether you are self-employed or an accountant in a small or medium-sized business in any industry.

It is a very powerful and feature-rich tool to help all accountants manage the financial data of a company. Companies can implement this software for the purpose of processing financial banking transactions, managing accounts, storing financial data as well as restructuring critical business operations. The new features of cloud systems are also very interesting and allow you to gain efficiency and save time without sacrificing quality.

You will be able to save time, generate financial reports automatically, synchronize your financial data with other programs, obtain accurate financial reports and high quality financial statements or detailed information on your financial data.

How much does a bookkeeping service cost?

Bookkeeping services generally require an hourly fee. Since we cannot know in advance the exact amount of work, whether we are starting from scratch or if another accountant has been there, we will have to adapt to what needs to be done. Also, we will need specific documents to work with and some may take time to obtain. Finally, we will need to coordinate and synchronize our software to make sure everything works as planned.

How much does bookkeeping software cost?

The cost of a bookkeeping software depends on several factors such as the number of features present, the number of users or workstations, but also the brand and reputation of the software itself. To give some figures, some subscriptions cost around 40 dollars per month but this number can go up to several thousands of dollars for customized plans for large companies for example.

Learn more about the opportunities offered by ZOHO and Cofinia! Trust an expert for your bookkeeping.