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Frequently Asked Questions

Basically both applications do the same thing, accounting for your business. Zoho Books is perfect for moving towards an ecosystem of applications integrated with the Zoho suite (CRM, Projects, People, Analytics and more).

Quickbooks is used by many SMEs, it has proven itself. It is not part of an application ecosystem, but several connectors to third-party applications are available.

Not sure of your choice? Call us and we can give you more information.

Of course, we have developed simple little tools in Excel that can make your life easier.

If you need support to improve your processes or your profitability (these elements have a direct impact on your working capital), we will analyze your situation in more detail and we will make recommendations.

Taxation and year-end verification (audit, review mission, notice to reader) are not services that we offer.

We’re driven by bookkeeping, management accounting, financial management, and analytics that can help you run your business year-round.

If you already use Zoho apps or are considering doing so, we can work with you. We chose the Zoho suite to manage Cofinia and we have made great efficiency gains in recent years thanks to its personalized functions and process automation facilities. We can assess whether Zoho could do the same for you.