If you are integrating Zoho CRM into your workplace or have done so already, then you should get acquainted with Zoho Books. As a one-stop platform for organizing your transactions and handling all kinds of accounting tasks, Zoho Books can help you manage your business’s bills, invoices, bank reconciliation expenditures, and much more. 


What is e-invoice in Zoho Books?

Also known as an electronic invoice, an e-invoice is a form of billing devised to be transferred through an electronic format. E-invoices in Zoho Books offer a safe and efficient financial communication channel for buyers and sellers. 

The financial data found within Zoho Books e-invoices is specifically structured for streamlined delivery. Relevant information is easy to access with a link or the PDF document. Moreover, a visual representation of the invoice data is available in a well-organized and appealing design format, and can be customised to fit your needs.


How do I create an e-invoice in Zoho Books?

To start generating e-invoices in Zoho Books, you must first set up a Zoho Books account. Then you can add your company information such as address, phone number, tax numbers . These can be enabled and adjusted from the system preferences tab. You can also activate a customer portal, so all invoices can be available at any time.


How easy is it to generate an e-invoice in Zoho Books?

The developers behind Zoho Books have made a considerable effort to make the digital billing process as smooth and straightforward as possible. Only a one-time Zoho Books invoice can be sent or you can create a recurring invoice based on a profile that you will set for each client.  

The Zoho Books e-invoicing process consists of 3 main steps: 

  • Create your client information: This can be done from the client menu or directly while creating the invoice.
  • Integrating Zoho Books into your workflow: The full implementation of the Zoho suite of apps can satisfy all of a business’s organizational needs. 
  • Configuring user permissions: Managers can decide what accounts will be granted permission to access Zoho Books. For example, if only the sales team should be using the software, the software can be configured to only be accessible by them.

If you are having trouble configuring Zoho Books or integrating it with another software, you can always reach out to experts in Zoho software for guidance and support.

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What are the benefits of e-invoicing? 

The main benefit of Zoho Books e-invoicing is the high level of integration that can be achieved by using the software. The e-invoicing system can be used to easily integrate with other invoicing software, business systems, and the software of trading partners. 

The advanced e-invoicing features found in Zoho Books can help companies save a substantial amount of time and money by removing the use of paper and the manual handling of documents from the invoicing process. 

The convenience of online e-invoicing software makes it an excellent first step for any company looking to start its digital transformation. Adopters of the software benefit in the long term, as they are automatically granted access to future tools, payment options, and much more. Zoho Books is future-ready and by implementing it into your business finances, that upkeep will be carried over to your operations.

The reason why Zoho Books is the smart accounting software of choice for many users is that the main focus behind improvements made to the software is its users. Zoho Books is designed using a U.S.E.R. strategy:

  • Usability: Zoho Books has been designed to give its users immediacy and convenience. Through a clean and intuitive dashboard, users have access to detailed insights into their financial health. Navigation within Zoho Books UI is so user-friendly that using the app eventually becomes second nature.
  • Security: The privacy and financial integrity of users is kept safe within Zoho Books. Thanks to many safety measures including IP restrictions, two-factor authentication, SSLs, and more, data can only be accessed, retrieved, and modified by those with the proper credentials. Zoho Books protects its users against all kinds of threats, from fake invoices to hacking attempts.
  • Extensibility: Zoho Books is able to connect your business’s operations across multiple platforms. Users can take advantage of the interconnectivity of the apps in the Zoho suite and connect Zoho Books with Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, and more. Likewise, a library of more than 200 business apps can be accessed by users.
  • Reliability: Zoho Books is built to last. A wide variety of dependable features help the software protect user data while providing the most accurate accounting results. Zoho Books is trusted and applauded in the professional sphere. The software has been recognized with awards such as FinanceOnline’s Expert’s Choice Award.


What more e-invoicing capabilities does Zoho Books have to offer?

The capabilities of Zoho Books go beyond accounting. The application can be used to streamline the entire financial management process of a company. The many advantages of Zoho Books have made it the software of choice of business leaders all over the world.

Seamlessly integrate with other systems

After a one-time setup process, Zoho Books is ready for the long run. The system architecture that makes up the software is considerably flexible while staying secure, allowing for your data to stay protected while integrating the software with a wide range of third-party apps. Users of the Zoho suite can connect WhatsApp, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other useful applications to their Zoho software.

Stop worrying about tax compliance

Zoho Books has been programmed to automatically obey government-mandated tax invoice requirements. This way, the system’s artificial intelligence makes sure your operations stay within the framework of the law. Zoho Books can print IRNs and QR codes that contain all relevant transactional data in the PDF of every invoice.

Expand your management capabilities 

Thanks to Zoho Books, managers can oversee the management of multiple branches at once. Furthermore, the app’s sophisticated analysis and reporting tools can deliver detailed reports of every branch’s performance, helping identify the successes and challenges of management.

A smart invoicing process

By performing smart validation checks on every e-invoice, the artificial intelligence that powers Zoho Books prevents any incorrect information from entering the system. The AI certifies that every IRN is generated using the correct data, doesn’t violate any regulations, or misses any mandatory fields. This automatic process can save a company thousands of man-hours and provide a reliable, error-free e-invoicing system.

Zoho Books keeps you up-to-date

When working in a fast-paced, competitive environment, it is important to stay updated with the latest technology. When you implement Zoho Books, you will always be using the most modern version of the software, designed to operate with current market trends in mind. 

Besides keeping your business technologically up-to-date, Zoho Books also keeps you updated on how your business is doing. For instance, the software has a list of statuses to update whenever critical steps of the e-invoicing process are reached. Zoho Books notifies users once an invoice has been sent, when a transaction has been successful, or if an error has occurred.  


Zoho Books services

Zoho Books is capable of improving the financial management capabilities of any type of business. By partnering with Cofinia, you will be empowered to take full advantage of Zoho Books and transform the way your company handles accounting.

Together with Cofinia you can accomplish the following:

  • Get the most out of Zoho Books: Receive expert assistance to configure the software appropriately. Our team can help you integrate Zoho Books with the rest of the Zoho family of apps, including Zoho CRM, Campaigns, Projects, and more.
  • Customize Zoho Books according to your needs. From the app’s appearance to its functionality and custom module integration, Cofinia can get everything ready to produce the best user experience and results.
  • Take advantage of automation: Once Zoho Books has been successfully configured, its users can enjoy automated workflows and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Thanks to automation, mundane and repetitive tasks can be handled by artificial intelligence, while employees can spend their time and energy on more important assignments.
  • Leverage seamless document management. Zoho Books can be used to store all your business-essential documents such as receipts and invoices in a secure database. By setting up the software correctly, managers have a substantial amount of control over data and can decide who is granted access to information.

If you are an entrepreneur or the owner of a small or medium business, Cofinia can help you integrate Zoho Books into your business, regardless of how your operations are structured. Through the optimization of your financial management strategies, you can increase profitability while also keeping operative costs down. 

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