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Businesses today operate in a technological environment where rapid access to information is a key success factor. For professional services firms, businesses, and start-ups, understanding your business environment is crucial to making the right strategic decisions.

However, obtaining the information needed for in-depth analysis can be a challenge. That’s why Zoho Analytics is the ideal solution for business intelligence needs. With its help, you can understand your environment and business faster and make the best business decisions.

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What are the benefits of Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics offers advanced analytics and business intelligence to improve your business performance. With Artificial Intelligence, real-time dashboards and predictive analytics, you can get a complete view of your performance. The analytics platform offers interactive reports, an easy-to-use interface for creating reports and charts, and data connectors to help you get the most out of your data.

You can also customize your reports, schedule them and generate them in different forms. Zoho Analytics offers help for KPIs to measure your business performance.

Trust Zoho Analytics to help you process and understand your business information. With Zoho, you can make informed decisions quickly to improve your performance.

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What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is a tool for analyzing information and data as well as visualization, reporting and dashboarding.

Zoho Analytics is a self-service business intelligence software and data analytics platform that helps users quickly and easily understand their data. Included in your Zoho One subscription, it gives your business a powerful tool for business intelligence and data analysis. With artificial intelligence features, users can project trends for the future using real-time data.

The goal of Zoho Analytics is to help users understand the current performance of their business, to give them a complete picture of their situation and guide them towards the best solutions. By using the platform connected and synchronized daily, users can analyze their data in real time and on time.

Users can create customizable tables, maps, and interactive reports using screenshots for visual analysis. Reports can also be scheduled for regular report generation, with a custom report form using performance indicators to measure your business performance.

Zoho Analytics also has a number of data connectors to collect data from other sources. Machine learning and predictive analytics features can also help users understand trends and business insights to make better decisions.

What can Cofinia do for you?

Integrate Zoho Analytics and use information from multiple sources to make the best possible business decisions

The information needed for your decision-making often comes from many different sources, and using them all to their full potential can become difficult. Zoho Analytics offers a solution to this problem, allowing you to import information from external software. Cofinia specializes in identifying your needs and objectives and will guide you to external sources that you can integrate with Zoho, for example information from different websites, cloud sources and different databases around the world . However, these are just the beginning!

The Zoho connector allows you to integrate information from your CRM, whether it’s Zoho’s or companies like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Hubspot and more. Similarly, Cofinia has the necessary expertise to integrate your:


Marketing data from sources like Zoho Campain, SurveyMonkey, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, YouTube and many more


Financial data through Zoho Books and Quickbook


Online sales using data from Shopify, which will allow you to optimize your e-commerce


Human Resources to track your recruitment, your employees and their roles in your company using Zoho Recruit and Zoho People

Want to learn more about using data from multiple sources? The Cofinia team will be happy to answer your questions!

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Use the full potential of the Zoho visualization tool to understand and present your data

With Zoho Analytics, you can easily create reports and dashboards with our intuitive visualization tool. There are tons of pre-built reports available in the app to help you understand your business data, whether it’s for sales or marketing. With a minimal learning curve, you can start analyzing your data quickly with our visualization tool. We also provide training to help you use Zoho Analytics routinely to create custom reports and dashboards.

Take advantage of this tool for your presentations as well, using graphs and illustrations that clearly present the variations and aid in quick decision-making. Your dashboard can be built easily by “dragging and dropping” the information you want to include. Dashboards are customizable and flexible, allowing you to have multiple reports on a single board and access all your information instantly. You can also cross-reference data from all your Zoho apps!

Take advantage of the benefits of AI to improve your business performance

Improve the speed and quality of your business decisions by using AI in the creation of your real-time reports and analysis. Zoho Analytics analytics platform offers predictive analytics features to help users make informed decisions. Take advantage of business intelligence with interactive and customizable reports that give you a deep understanding of what’s happening in your business in real time. Plus, reporting is made easy with self-service data preparation and visual analysis.

Improve your reporting by using the easy-to-use interface for creating customizable dashboards. Take advantage of the benefits of machine learning and data connectors to get the most relevant business insights in real time. Measure your performance with KPIs and use geo maps for visual analysis. Customizable reports can be used in any form of report you want to ensure ease and increased understanding of data.

The features and benefits of Zoho Analytics data analysis tool

1. Simplicity, speed and reliability of your information

Quickly and easily connect to most online data storage services, or import your data from CSV, XLS, JSON and HTML documents. Zoho Analytics is able to import data from services like:

  • Zoho Docs
  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • Microsoft OneDrive

Also, you can access multiple databases, internal or external, as well as most popular NoSQL databases.

2. Zia, Zoho's smart assistant

Zoho Analytics has its own artificial intelligence tool, Zia. It is able to produce detailed reports and analyzes based on artificial intelligence for you: talk to Zia in English for now and he will answer you by suggesting tables and reports. The assistant will be able to help you get the information you are looking for, the voice requests you give it promotes its automatic learning. Zia is also able to model trends and make predictions based on the available data, which makes it a great asset when you have a large amount of data!

3. Sharing and collaborating has never been easier

Take advantage of Zoho Analytics’ sharing features to work in groups while keeping your information and data safe. Sharing options include read-only or write-to reports, which can be available to your entire team if needed, or embedded into websites or portals if needed.

Zoho Analytics charts and reports can be easily emailed, printed or exported. They are also available on mobile.

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Steps for Implementing Zoho Analytics with Cofinia


Assessing your business needs

Our experts at Cofinia will discuss with you to understand your needs and determine with you your objectives. This understanding will identify what your business will need to optimize its management information and increase your efficiency.


Strategy and action plan

Once your objectives have been established and your needs known, Cofinia will work with you to determine the strategy needed to achieve them. Choices will be made regarding the use of the Zoho Analytics data analysis tool to give you access to all relevant information for your business decisions. We guarantee a process adapted to your needs thanks to this personalized approach! We can perform the advanced queries required to customize reports and dashboards to your specific business needs.


Implementation and training

Our team will carry out the complete integration of Zoho Analytics, for example by automating certain data collection processes, by creating data queries, to increase your productivity, allow you to concentrate on the most important tasks, save time and reduce your costs. Our team of experts will also be able to train your staff, both users and administrators on how to use Zoho Analytics.

FAQs about Zoho Analytics

Yes, Zoho Analytics allows you to attach screenshots to your reports for a clearer and more complete presentation of your data.

Yes, Zoho Analytics offers the option to schedule your report generation for full automation. You can set how often your reports are generated and choose export formats for easy access to your data.

Yes, Zoho Analytics offers dedicated support to help you get the most out of its platform. Whether you need help getting started or troubleshooting more complex issues, the support team is here for you.

Zoho Analytics uses performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of its platform. This includes metrics such as report generation speed, data quality, and user satisfaction.

Zoho Analytics offers several plans to meet different business needs. Packages include a wide variety features such as insightful report generation, data visualization, data management, data export, and more.

Yes, Zoho Analytics offers the ability to export your data to formats such as CSV, PDF, Excel, and other commonly used formats.

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