Cofinia offers services to small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to optimize sales management and customer relationship management (CRM). What are the key success factors to have a well-stocked lead bank and a high opportunity closing rate? Our experts will review your processes and propose proven business practices.

If your practices are proven, we will help you automate them by implementing Zoho CRM in your company and we will train your staff so that you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by this technological solution to generate more sales for the customers you want to reach.

Our team of professionals can take care of all your sales, marketing, communication needs and much more!

What is Zoho CRM?

ZOHO CRM is a software that helps businesses keep track of their customer relationships. The software supports sales management, provides relevant information, integrates with social media, and enables collaboration between employees. With ZOHO, your company can benefit from better information sharing between your teams: financial, marketing or operational teams, etc. Through automation, ZOHO’s customer relationship management software improves both customer communication and internal collaboration.

Sell faster and more efficiently than ever with Zoho in Joliette

Customer relationship management systems can be expensive and complex, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The costs of purchase, integration and maintenance (in terms of money and time), added to the need to develop in-house expertise, quickly become exorbitant for small and growing companies. This is where Cofinia can make the difference!

Outsourcing your CRM integration allows your company to benefit from all the advantages while our team ensures that you get the most out of ZOHO CRM. Enjoy a turnkey solution where our team will configure and optimize ZOHO for you!

What can Zoho CRM software do for your business?

ZOHO’s CRM system helps companies to:

improve their relationships with customers
centralize information into easy-to-read records
automate communications
integrate lead information through forms
Track sales metrics to measure performance.
CRM platforms face many challenges. When the customer, user, prospect or salesperson interacts, data about your operations and potentially about the customer, prospect or salesperson is generated. These interactions and discussions take place over the phone, over the Internet and in person. It is necessary to organize and synthesize this data so that it can be used by the different teams.

Centralize your communication channels

Cofinia installs Zoho CRM as a central management system, allowing you to access and respond effectively to email, social media, chat, phone and other channel communication histories.

Powerful, real-time analytics measure everything about your business to send real-time notifications to relevant teams. Gain flexibility with automation, task reminders and built-in custom features.

Automate the tasks of your sales team

Zoho CRM automates recurring and time-consuming sales tasks by automating lead management, business opportunities, account and contact management and more.

Automate your marketing efforts

Combine the capabilities of ZOHO CRM with Zoho’s marketing tools to enable you to automate large segments of your marketing. ZOHO’s marketing automation features allow you to select customers based on a variety of criteria, automate lead generation efforts, collect relevant
criteria, automate lead generation efforts, collect relevant customer information, and even automate other actions such as customer journeys.

Automating email campaigns, calls to action on your website, surveys
website, surveys, etc., allow your marketing team to be more efficient and to measure and improve the reach of their efforts.

Increase the profitability of your Zoho One subscription

Do you have a Zoho One subscription and only use a few applications? Cofinia can help you implement other applications from the Zoho One suite.

Cofinia's support services

Lead management

Capture leads, automate lead scoring, identify those that will convert to customers and follow up with detailed contact information


Make more sales in less time. Track the status of your current transactions and seize every opportunity at the right time


Get real-time information about your customers, communicate with them across multiple channels and build strong relationships

Workflow automation

Tracking leads or updating fields involves a lot of manual work. Learn how to perform these tasks much faster with the help of workflows


The more your business grows, the more information you need. Measure the performance of each business activity and break down your quotas into achievable goals with Zoho CRM reports, analytics and forecasts


With the right tools, your team will never be in trouble. Generate quotes and access sales scenarios. Save your team time: give your customers, suppliers and partners the ability to view, add or edit information via portals from your CRM

Why choose Cofinia as a Zoho CRM partner

Our process optimization approach allows us to adapt the tool to your reality while taking advantage of the best sales practices.

We are convinced of the benefits that a CRM can bring to any company, our advice will allow you to increase your efficiency and your sales.

Our team of experts will take charge of your project and offer you personalized support within the agreed timeframe.

Create a better relationship with each of your customers

Cofinia has been working with many companies for years, helping them leverage process automation to simplify administrative tasks and improve performance through real-time reporting and analysis.