Part Time CFO

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Growing a business takes time and money. Knowing where your money is going (and where it’s coming from) will help you stay in control of your financial situation.

Your business needs a good team of people who can help you measure performance and analyze your business finances. As your company’s finances become more complex, you should explore opportunities to grow your finance team strategically. The part-time CFO therefore becomes a key resource in your team and can help you achieve your goals.

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What does a CFO do?

A good CFO must be at the side of the CEO, ready to support him and challenge him on the orientations and opportunities of the company. Above all, the CFO is a good communicator: he explains the results of the company, summarizes the problems it faces; he must analyze and communicate essential information and concepts in order to facilitate discussions and decision-making. He is part of the management team and oversees the various functions of the company and provides them with good indicators to measure their performance. He supervises the accounting team to ensure that he has all the useful information at the right time.

The CFO focuses on improving a company’s operational performance, analyzing data and results, and presenting solutions to improve those results. This may include increased sales, lower costs, or higher margins.


Bookkeeping service

Accounting management requires expertise and time that many SMEs do not have, whether for lack of resources or interest. But keeping good books is essential to taking the pulse of your business and making informed strategic decisions.

The Cofinia Conseil accounting team can support you, train you or carry out your bookkeeping; we have a flexible but orderly and effective approach that is a win-win for companies that want to ensure that they have an accurate picture of their financial situation. Come and discuss your specific needs!

Focus on your business growth and avoid administrative errors by using our bookkeeping services! Keep control of your financial statements in addition to saving time and reducing your worries.

Strategic analyzes

Risk analyzes


Financial forecast

Working capital requirement


Structure of fixed and variable costs

Cost price

Performance indicators

You are questioning
and want help?

Our CFOs can start working with you and we always start with a diagnosis of your issues and needs. We are available to answer your questions and advance your thinking.


Assessment of issues, your business, financial information and information systems.

Outsourcing fee budget

Evaluation of the work to be done, estimate of the time required and priorities, distribution of the work with your accounting team.

Beginning of the roadworks !

Time slots will be defined, for more efficiency and synergy, we prefer to be part of your management committee. If it is necessary to put one in place, we will propose an effective structure.

Frequently asked questions

We work as a team, we have the traditional profiles of large companies within our team. Accounting technician, financial analyst, accountant, CFO, our resources work with yours. We work rigorously and efficiently on a monthly basis to produce quality information that will guide the decisions of your management team.

We work on time according to your priorities and defined deliverables. What we can delegate in your team or to our analysts we will do. We optimize the services rendered.

A CFO must be able to access accounting software to carry out his analyses. If you have Quickbooks or Zoho Books, we can frame your resources as needed to increase the reliability of the information.

Yes, this is part of the responsibilities of a CFO. Nevertheless, we are still seen as a consultant to financial institutions, which is why we will have to team up.