What is Zoho Expense for?

What is Zoho Expense for?

Take the receipts out of your wallet, fill in the Excel file… already I feel like I’ve lost you. The expense account process is a tedious headache for managers of many companies.

What if I told you that I have THE solution for you? The one that will bring you peace of mind and increased efficiency, the one that will allow you to settle your expense account in a few clicks…

This solution is called: Zoho Expense .

No need to use the Zoho suite to benefit from all the advantages of this application. Zoho Expense integrates with the following accounting applications, among others: Quickbooks online, Quickbooks desktop, Xero and Microsoft Dynamics.

The concept is as follows: take a picture of your receipt from the Zoho Expense cellular app , categorize that expense, and your monthly expense report is ready for approval.

What we love about Zoho Expense that will make your life easier  :

  • Mobile application to take photos of receipts
  • Available online on any type of device (cell phone, tablet, computer)
  • Several packages depending on the number of users
  • Affordable price (around $4 per month per user)

What we love about Zoho Expense that will allow you to structure the process in your business:

  • Approval of expense reports by superior or according to your approval policy
  • Ability to select a monthly due date when producing a report
  • Ability to set limits for certain types of expenses according to company policies
  • Issue mileage reimbursements based on the number of kilometers traveled and/or based on the odometer.

What we like about Zoho Expense as accountants  :

  • Import credit card transactions to perform monthly reconciliations (especially for Desjardins, RBC, BMO, TD and National Bank)
  • Export the expense account in a single PDF file including all receipts
  • Synchronize expense categories with the chart of accounts
  • Assign each expense to a project or client and categorize it as chargeable
  • Associate expenses with tags such as a department, a region or a particular category of expenses

What we like less about Zoho Expense  :

  • It is not possible to connect credit cards from all Canadian banking institutions
  • It is not possible to synchronize the flows of personal credit cards

As a Zoho Expense user , I can tell you that my expense account is done much faster than before. No more lost receipts and hours spent recording my expenses in an Excel file. Welcome to the digital age! Zoho Expense , a well-invested $7/month/user!

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