All growing companies know the importance of perfect customer relationship management. A CRM software (Customer Relation Management) gathers different tools that are used to identify, process and analyze the needs of customers and prospects in order to offer the best service.

The added value of Zoho lies in its internal and external integrations. For example, if you integrate Zoho Inventory with Zoho CRM, you have access to various modules (project, marketing, etc.) and you can add other Zoho integrations as needed (Zoho Commerce, Zoho Books, Zoho Analytics, etc.). With Zoho Inventory, you can seamlessly integrate all sales, inventory management and order tracking activities, in addition to benefiting from large amounts of integration with online stores such as Shopify, payment gateways such as Stripe or Paypal and shipping companies (UPS, Fedex, etc.).


What Is Zoho Inventory?

Zoho Inventory is an online order and inventory management tool designed for small and medium-sized businesses to help organize and track the movement of inventory. This inventory management software integrates with Zoho Books for complete billing and accounting and with Zoho CRM for complete sales tracking.

Through multi-channel sales, shipping integration and various order control features, it increases sales and improves customer satisfaction. It allows a follow-up from the purchase to the packaging and also offers the possibility of online payment. This software automates the repetitive steps of your customer and supplier order management processes while ensuring smooth delivery and complete traceability of your items. Zoho Inventory also provides a user interface with clear information on the products stored and their physical location (warehouse management).


Features of Zoho Inventory Software

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based management tool. Its use is not limited to software installed locally on a workstation, it can also be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. You can centralize the monitoring of your stocks, whose quantities are automatically updated across all sales channels. Your information is synchronized several times a day and you have access to management information in your dashboard.

A Rich Product Catalog

The cloud system allows you to easily access all information in real time. This information can be customized according to the system users for management by role. The product sheet contains a lot of information needed for its management: threshold order quantity, batch management, categories/subcategories, manufacturer, serial number, barcode management, size and weight for shipment management, etc. You can add all the necessary features that will help you organize your stock and serve your customers better.

Real-Time Order Processing

Zoho Inventory helps you manage the shipping process and track all your product deliveries through a single platform until it reaches the customer. If you have multiple stores or warehouses, it is possible to transfer products from one location to another easily. The addition of barcode scanners makes everything efficient. Inventory management is dynamic and you can even automate the replenishment process.


Zoho Inventory Integrations

Zoho CRM is compatible with several systems and platforms that integrate efficiently with Zoho Inventory. This software is compatible with online payment platforms such as Paypal, Worldpay, Gocardless, Stripe, etc. This facilitates the payment of your orders.

You can also sync Zoho Inventory with native apps such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy for e-commerce. If you have an online store, Zoho integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify, Zoho Commerce and many others. As for shipping integrations, you’ll find Canada Post, UPS, DHL and FedEX among others. For accounting, you can transfer your accounts to Zoho Books or sync QuickBooks with Zoho Inventory.

The integration of Zoho CRM with Zoho Inventory also allows you to create a two-way relationship between the two apps. You can synchronize your contacts, accounts and even your items or products. Zoho thought of all the integrations so that you can manage various inventory, sales and order operations on a single platform.


Zoho Inventory for Better Inventory Management

Product Tracking

Zoho Inventory allows users to track products and orders in real time and view history in just a few clicks. You can assign serial numbers to track all items, manage warranties or manage expiration dates. You can also manage product lots to simplify recalls and traceability.

Inventory Reports

Zoho Inventory, is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and has standard inventory management reports. It allows you to view sales, track FIFO and view inventory summary. You can also view sales reports by customer, item or salesperson and schedule them to be emailed to you at your desired frequency.

By integrating Zoho Analytics, you can run a multitude of additional reports. For example, an inventory quantity forecast report, which allows you to anticipate orders to be placed with your suppliers.

Inventory Adjustment

You can make inventory adjustments based on quantities (returns, losses, breakage) as well as on value (loss in value). If you have a large number of products, the adjustments can be done by importing them via an Excel file.

Currency Management

Do you sell or buy outside of the country? Zoho Inventory makes currency management easy. Zoho Inventory manages currencies for you, a daily rate update is integrated in the app. Simply assign the currency to your customers or suppliers. When the contact currency is different from the application currency, transactions will be displayed in foreign currency and converted to local currency automatically.


Zoho Inventory for Warehouse Tracking

With Zoho Inventory, you can manage and track multiple warehouses at the same time. This software manages the transfer of inventory from one warehouse to another and generates a tracking report. You can use the picklist feature to simplify picking.

In the same app, you can control the flow between warehouses and the location of the different stocks you have for a better organization of the orders and a simplification of the delivery. You can reduce transportation costs by choosing the warehouse closest to the customer. This allows you to optimize the delivery and to satisfy your customers even more with a fast and efficient service.


Zoho Inventory Simplifies Multichannel Selling

This software allows you to communicate in real time with your customers and prospects. You can manage your calls and emails through Zoho CRM and receive a notification when someone interacts with your brand or reads an email. You can also monitor user behavior through social networks and use Zoho CRM to create a self-service portal for your customers to view your products.

Zoho Inventory software also integrates with various online platforms such as Amazon and eBay, allowing you to search for products you need while monitoring inventory levels. Thus, this app simplifies the multi-channel sales process with a solution that allows you to manage, control and analyze your various sales channels.


Monitor Your Orders with Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory centralizes your data in a dashboard to give you an overview of the progress of your order, whether it is pending, invoiced, packed or already shipped.

As soon as an order is confirmed, you have direct access to all the information needed for delivery. Zoho Inventory directs you to the nearest location and integrates with multiple logistics platforms to facilitate delivery. In case of stock shortage, Zoho guides you to the nearest supplier and allows you to make direct deliveries.


Analyze Your Business with Zoho Inventory

With the Zoho Inventory tool, you can analyze your business and spot various trends. On the home page, you have direct visibility to the status of orders and receive notifications of problems.

Sales and Purchase Analysis

With Zoho Inventory, you have access to sales reports that show you your most requested items, most loyal customers, and preferred payment and delivery methods. This allows you to identify trends and analyze consumer behavior to better satisfy your customers. As for purchases, the reports you receive will allow you to forecast your future expenses for better financial management.

FIFO Method

This method of inventory valuation is offered by Zoho Inventory software. FIFO (First In, First Out) allows inventory management and asset valuation. You can calculate the value of outgoing inventory based on the purchase prices of old items.

How Much Is Zoho Inventory?

  • Free plan – $0: for 2 users, 1 warehouse and 20 orders online and offline.
  • Basic – $39 per month: for 10 users, 2 warehouses, 1500 orders and 150 shipping labels.
  • Standard – $79 per month: for 15 users, 5 warehouses, 10 000 orders and 1000 shipping labels.
  • Professional – $199 per month. With this plan, you pay for 20 users, 10 warehouses, 30 000 orders and 3000 shipping labels.

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