Zoho CRM 101 Glossary

Zoho CRM 101 Glossary | Cofinia Consulting

Thinking of implementing a CRM? But what does it eat in winter and how does it work? The implementation of a crm allows better management of the customer relationship (Customer Relationship Management). It helps to better identify, understand, manage and meet the needs of potential and existing customers. The objective of having a CRM is to centralize all data and activities related to prospects and customers.

But how is a CRM composed? In this article, we introduce you to the different modules of Zoho CRM to help you better navigate the application.

Basic terms


In the top menu, several tabs allow you to navigate within the application. These different tabs can represent different stages of your sales cycle and can be managed independently or interdependently. Note that not all modules are accessible in the basic and free versions.

The order and name of these different modules can be personalized according to your needs and your situation.