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Cofinia offers services to small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs who want to optimize their customer relationship management (CRM). Our experts take care of the implementation of Zoho CRM in your company and the training of your staff so that you can enjoy all the benefits offered by this technological solution. Our team of professionals will take care of all your marketing, communication and reporting needs!

What is Zoho CRM?

ZOHO CRM is a software that helps companies keep track of their customers. The software supports sales management, provides relevant information, integrates with social media and social networks, and enables employee collaboration. With ZOHO, your company can benefit from better information sharing between your teams: financial, marketing or sales teams, etc. Through automation, ZOHO’s customer relationship management software improves both customer communication and internal collaboration.

Sell Faster and More Efficiently than Ever with Zoho

Customer relationship management systems can be expensive and complex, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The costs of purchase, integration and maintenance (in terms of money and time), coupled with the need to develop in-house expertise, quickly become exorbitant for small, growing companies. This is where Cofinia can make the difference!

Outsourcing your CRM integration allows your company to benefit from all the advantages while our team ensures that you get the most out of ZOHO CRM. Enjoy a turnkey solution where our team will configure and optimize ZOHO for you!

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What can Zoho CRM software do for your business?

ZOHO CRM system helps companies improve customer relationships, track every user interaction and manage customer accounts. CRM software is essential for keeping customer relationships and account information up to date.

CRM platforms face many challenges. When the customer, user, prospect or salesperson interacts, data related to your operations and potentially about the customer, prospect or salesperson is generated. These interactions and discussions take place over the phone, over the Internet and in person. It is necessary to organize and synthesize this data so that it can be used by different teams. Here’s how ZOHO CRM can help:

Centralize your communication channels

Cofinia installs Zoho CRM as a central management system, allowing you to access and respond to all communications with email, social media, chat, phone and other channels. Powerful, real-time analytics measure everything about your business to send real-time notifications to relevant teams. Gain business flexibility with automation, task reminders, and built-in business features.

Automate your sales team's tasks

Zoho CRM automates recurring and time-consuming sales tasks such as lead generation as well as other tasks such as handling data entry from forms and emails. Automating lead management, deal management, account management and more optimizes the time spent on each customer by the sales team while ensuring you always have the data you need to grow your business. The process of qualifying leads, forecasting sales and creating an effective sales funnel will be more efficient than ever.

Automate your marketing efforts

Marketing automation is critical to the success of your campaigns. ZOHO CRM capabilities allow you to automate large segments of your marketing. ZOHO’s marketing automation features allow you to select customers based on a variety of criteria, automate lead generation efforts, collect relevant customer information, and even automate other actions. Automating email campaigns, calls to action on your website, surveys, etc., allow your marketing team to be more efficient and improve their reach.

Integrate optimally with third parties

Are you using third-party applications? Cofinia can connect your ZOHO CRM with dozens of third-party applications such as:

  • Google Suite;
  • Office 365;
  • Slack;
  • Shopify;
  • Facebook Ads;
  • QuickBooks;
  • DocuSign;
  • Dropbox;

Increase the profitability of your Zoho One subscription

Do you have a Zoho One subscription and only use a few applications? Cofinia can help you implement other applications from the Zoho One suite:

  • Zoho Sign;
  • Zoho SalesIQ;
  • Zoho Books;
  • Zoho Analytics;
  • Zoho Project;
  • Zoho Flow;
  • And more!
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Why choose Cofinia as a Zoho CRM partner and expert?

How we create benefits for our customers

The most important part of a CRM system is to encourage process improvement, which is only possible if the system complements the business model and creates a deeper integration. Instead of boilerplate solutions, Cofinia configures a simple user interface that allows for customization of fields, forms and graphics.

With many options, our experts can design the system to meet your specific business needs. You can add many elements that will allow you to present data according to a variety of data management criteria.

We offer more than just CRM software

Working with Cofinia means more than just providing you with powerful CRM software tailored to your needs: you gain an experienced and knowledgeable industry specialist. We work with your team to develop better business practices within your organization, so you can improve productivity and make decisions based on relevant data and information.

Migrate your CRM quickly and efficiently

Are you currently on another CRM platform and want to migrate to Zoho? Cofinia’s team of experts can do it quickly and seamlessly for you! We ensure that all your critical data is transferred to Zoho CRM so that you can start using your new CRM system as soon as possible. We understand that, as with any new tool, there will be an adjustment period. That’s why we can provide training and technical support to your staff.

Want to take advantage of Cofinia’s services with Zoho CRM? Contact us and get the best customer service!

Creating a better relationship with each of your customers

Cofinia has worked with many companies for years, helping them leverage process automation to simplify administrative tasks and improve performance through real-time reporting and analytics.

We care about your success and want to see your business grow. That’s why we’re committed to making your transition to ZOHO CRM as smooth as possible.

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Zoho CRM Expert – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Zoho the right CRM application for you?

Zoho is a customer relationship management software trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide for its flexible platform and reliable performance. For small businesses in particular, using ZOHO through a licensed partner allows you to save on costs while enjoying the benefits that improve your business performance.

What are the different types of CRM systems?

CRM systems fulfill different roles within an organization, which can be separated into three types of CRM: Collaborative, Operational and Analytical.

Collaborative CRM system

The main objective of a collaborative CRM system is to eliminate organizational barriers that can lead to a fragmented customer experience. This can happen in companies where marketing, sales and customer service are separated in different departments and where collaboration is weak. Even in large companies, there are structures that can prevent the sharing of important information across the enterprise.

A collaborative CRM is the best way to ensure that all team members have access to the current and relevant data they need to handle each call they are assigned and improve the customer experience.

Operational CRM System

The goal of operational CRM is to simplify customer relationship management for businesses. This type of CRM can provide visualizations, tools and assistance in managing the entire customer journey from start to finish. A good operational CRM allows for better visualization of customer interactions and different touch points throughout the customer journey to bring your process to a new level of efficiency.

CRM systems are designed to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Offloading marketing, marketing automation, sales and customer service allows employees to take time away from other tasks. This solution is perfect for small, fast-growing businesses that need all of their staff to focus on growth.

Analytical CRM System

With collaborative CRMs, you will be able to accumulate large amounts of data about your customers. However, to uncover useful strategies and insights for your business, in-depth data analysis is required. According to estimates, half of the data collected by companies is not used to make smarter business decisions.

Customers and their data are very valuable to a business. An analytical CRM allows a business to use all available information to discover customer habits, behaviors and challenges in sales, customer service and customer retention.

What kind of CRM is Zoho?

Zoho CRM offers a complete customer relationship management platform where collaborative, operational and analytical aspects come together.

  • It offers enhanced collaboration capabilities by unifying your customer data and sharing it across your organization as needed, and by centralizing your communication channels;
  • It can automate tedious and human error-prone tasks and your marketing;
  • It provides visibility by analyzing and comparing data across teams and departments to better assess performance;

What is the difference between leads and contacts?

Leads are the raw information you collect about people or representatives of organizations that might be interested in your business. They are usually collected from various sources such as the Internet, trade shows, seminars, advertisements and other marketing campaigns.

Contacts, on the other hand, are the people in an organization with whom your company has business communications, looking for business opportunities. Let’s understand this with an example.

Patricia is a real estate agent. She attends a real estate show, where she meets many people. About ten people she meets are looking for a house or offices. She now sees these people as sales opportunities. She can’t say they will become her clients, but she thinks there is a chance, however small. In marketing jargon, these 10 people are now her “prospects.” So she adds their contact information as Leads in her Zoho CRM account.

The following week, she calls these 10 leads, 4 of whom are actually very interested in what she has to offer. By following up on these leads, she has successfully “converted” them into “contacts”. These 4 people are no longer random leads. So, in Zoho CRM as well, Patricia is converting these leads into contacts. If a person is in the Contacts module, that means they are your leads.

Zoho CRM can help you with lead management as well as project management.

How many emails can I send per day from Zoho CRM?

The email limit for each organization is calculated based on the total number of confirmed and active users in the account.

In the free version, it is 50 x the total number of confirmed and active users (per day, per organization) for a maximum of 4 users. For accounts with more than 4 users, the limit is 200 emails (per day, per organization). The period from 12:00 to 23:59 GMT is considered a day.

Let’s say you have 2 active and confirmed users in your organization’s account. In this case, the maximum number of emails you can send per organization will be 100 (50 x 2) emails. If you have more than 4 active and confirmed users, then the total number of individual emails that can be sent will be 200, which is the fixed limit.

In paid editions, the limit is 300 x the total number of active and confirmed users (per day, per organization). The period from 12:00 to 23:59 GMT is considered a day. For example, let’s say you have 5 active and confirmed users in your organization’s account. In this case, the maximum number of individual emails a user can send per day, per organization, will be 1500 (300 x 5) emails.

Does Zoho or Zoho Books offer a mobile application?

Absolutely! No matter which package you choose and which modules you integrate with Zoho CRM (such as Zoho Books, Zoho Projects, etc…) you can totally drive these software from a mobile device whether it is a tablet or a smartphone that runs Android or iOS. 

This is another advantage of Zoho CRM: you can keep an eye on your customers and make changes whenever and wherever you want.

Does Cofinia offer other services from the Zoho suite?

In addition to Zoho CRM, Cofinia offers companies a complete set of services (or modules) such as Zoho Books for accounting, Zoho Analytics and Zoho Project. SMBs can take advantage of low rates and a team of experts (always up to date on their subject) to integrate any of these modules into their operations and improve their level of customer relationship management.

What software can Zoho integrate with?

Zoho can integrate with dozens of applications or external services and modules to provide a central management point for your business. It can integrate with platforms such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, but that’s not all : 

  • Storage integrations: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive;
  • Collaboration integrations: Slack, Zoho Projects, Zoho Cliq ;
  • Marketing automation: Google Ads, Mailchimp;
  • Social Media Integrations: Facebook Ads Management, Zoho Social;
  • Human Resources Management: Zoho People;
  • Finance solutions: Zoho Finance;
  • Inventory and stock management solutions: Zoho Inventory;

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