Zoho One - The Complete Cloud Solution for SMBs

At Cofinia, we believe in the value that Zoho’s application suite brings to SMBs. In fact, we have been avid users of Zoho since the company’s inception.


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Assessment of your company's needs

Our experts at Cofinia first analyze your company’s needs in order to define with you the main objectives to reach in order to maximize your productivity and propel your growth! What are your major challenges? How do you get the most out of a software change? We can guide you.

Strategy and action plan

Based on the established objectives, we then determine the optimal strategy to adopt in order to prioritize the applications to be implemented and to configure them in such a way as to provide you with useful management information to make your decisions. We design an action plan detailing the steps to be taken according to a well-defined schedule. This personalized approach guarantees a process that adapts to your specific needs!

Implementation and training

Finally, we proceed to the complete integration of the Zoho One suite applications that are useful for your business. We make sure to identify the automation of manual tasks that will increase your productivity, save time and reduce your costs. Our experts also take care of training your staff as well as any ad hoc issues that may arise.

Main applications of Zoho


Zoho Sales IQ

What are the benefits of Zoho One?

Zoho is a cloud-based application that allows us to be always connected and allows us to enter information only once. No more applications that don’t talk to each other. Do you have well-defined processes? Take advantage of Zoho’s automation capabilities based on “blue prints” which are actually information flow scenarios. This will ensure that you get consistent information from your employees.

And if that’s not enough, Zoho allows you to connect to a growing number of third party applications without additional development. Payment solutions, Google suite, Microsoft suite, telephony solutions, third party solutions, in-house developed software, in short the possibilities are limitless (or almost!).

This is how Cofinia creates value for its clients

Relying solely on technology tools to grow your business is not enough. If you combine the right tools with the expertise of Cofinia’s accounting professionals to improve your business processes, you will have a better view of your organization and will be able to measure its performance more easily.

Better information structure, automation of data collection processes, cost reduction, delegated management reporting by manager, these are just a few simple examples of what we can do for you.

But we can go much further, supporting your teams in reviewing processes, sharing best practices, setting up customized functions, providing quality management information, not to mention our services in accounting, finance and international recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho One is a flexible solution that offers incredible value for money on a per user basis. For $50 per month per user, you can use ALL the applications included in the Zoho One suite

Zoho has an ecosystem of partners who have developed business applications that connect to other Zoho applications.

The Alix software from Agilean is one of these applications.

Zoho Books is a very versatile application. It is possible to add fields, buttons and custom functions to adapt the solution to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Absolutely, the Zoho Analytics application allows you to retrieve data from different Zoho applications to create enterprise dashboards.