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At Cofinia, we are dedicated to helping companies reach their full potential by maximizing the productivity of their employees. To achieve this, we are convinced that all companies must plan their activities judiciously and efficiently, whether it concerns internal management or client mandates.

That’s why we work with SMEs in {location(villes} to put in place optimal processes that maximize the team’s collaborative work. We then integrate these processes into project management software, like Zoho Project software, which is designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses.

Improve your project planning, meet your deadlines, distribute the workload by easily tracking the progress of tasks and projects, and collaborate with your team anytime!

Zoho Project software was designed to help companies manage the process of projects and ensure their success. Let Cofinia help you implement Zoho Project software within your company.

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What is Zoho Project?

Zoho Projects is reliable and secure project management software that helps businesses plan, track, and execute their business efficiently. With its reporting and charting features, it enables your team to complete the scheduled tasks within the given time frame. At Cofinia, we have used Zoho Projects for over six years which has improved our efficiency, especially for our team working remotely.

With Zoho Projects, anyone with proper access can view project plans anytime and from anywhere, making it easier for the team to collaborate and communicate. Team members can also write directly in tasks and attach documents to share important information.

How is Zoho projects different from other management software?

In overall comparison with other types of project management software, Zoho Projects software stands out for its simple interface, advanced resource management, support for third-party apps, and social media compatibility. Project managers can also track actual costs against project budget, project progress, project progress, and generate presentations or reports for stakeholders.

User reviews are unanimous: Zoho Projects software is an effective time management solution that provides better visibility and collaboration for project activities. Let Cofinia help you implement Zoho Project software within your company.

Be more proactive and productive in carrying out your projects

If you are looking to optimize your team’s performance in project management, Zoho Projects is the tool for you. With its advanced scheduling, tracking, and collaboration features, it helps your business organize resources efficiently and meet deadlines. This project management platform can be used for any type of project, whether it is an internal project, a client project or planning a strategic project.

What are the best features of the software?

Diagrams are extremely useful when planning a project; they are used to remind relevant employees of deadlines. The diagrams provide an overview and help to prepare the appropriate allocation of resources and deadlines. Visualize the progress of the project and the tasks to be completed to help you determine where the next stage of work is.

Time management can be complex; however, with charts, employees will be able to track all specific projects and events. Here is a list of chart and report types that you can easily create from the templates available in Zoho:

Task reports;
Issue reports;
Timesheet reports;
Project Dashboard;
Estimates ;
And much more !

This software has the ability to automate some routine tasks that can help your team save time and money. This automation option can be used for both simple and complex tasks. This software is able to perform its functions based on a “drag and drop” interface. On this interface, it is easy to visualize and prepare the next stage of the project. Receive notifications when tasks are completed or when deadlines are approaching.

For active projects, you’ll find timers, notifications, and project updates to keep your team on schedule. Use the calendar feature to view all project activities and when they are due to be completed. Your team will be able to log all the tasks they have completed and track the progress of the entire project. You will be able to find out who did what and get quick answers in case of questions regarding previously performed tasks.

The time sheet and time tracker also allows all billable hours to be recorded and invoices can be created automatically.

We’ve included many different platforms and spaces for your team to collaborate effectively. On a collective feed, they might benefit from a space where they can easily post comments, tag team members, add attachments, and send general group messages to help keep information flowing.

The software aims to facilitate daily activities to improve working life. There are also mentions, chats, forums, email aliases, and other features that help bring your team together, even if they’re not nearby.

The software was designed to be fully customizable to perform the tasks you need. It can be used by any company thanks to its ability to adapt and perform tasks specific to each of them. You can customize layouts, statuses, processes and fields with Zoho Project. If you want, you can enable features like a project notification system to help your team with due date reminders.

Project templates

Task management

Recurrence of tasks

Task dependencies

Management of time

Team management

Instant messaging "Chat"


Project Dashboard

Capacity management

Gantt chart

Mobile app

Let us help you integrate Zoho projects management tools

Our organization is a specialist in the integration of project management software such as Zoho Projects. Our services include user training on key software features, resource planning, real-time project management, data analysis, communication, reporting, and timesheet management.

The size of your business shouldn’t be a barrier to adopting effective project management software. Cofinia can help you integrate Zoho Projects, ensuring that your employees fully understand all the features and benefits of this platform.

Why choose Cofinia to integrate Zoho's project management software?

Our mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses in {location(villes} acquire effective processes and tools. You can rest assured that we will be by your side throughout the learning phase of Zoho Project. Many companies could do the implementation themselves, but we believe we can save you time and ultimately, you will have better information about your projects.

Whether it is for capacity management, schedule management, deliverable management and task automation, our team can advise you on the best practices for using Zoho Project.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering integrating new project management software like Zoho Projects into your business, it’s important to take the time to introduce the change gradually to your employees. To do this, it is advisable to start by organizing meetings to present the main features and interface of Zoho and explain how it can improve the organization and management of company projects.

It is important to understand that employees need time to adjust to using new software. Typically, it takes 8-12 weeks of regular use before everyone feels comfortable with the new management software. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a transition period to facilitate the adaptation of employees.

Cofinia can help you estimate the time needed to integrate the management software into your business based on the size of your business, the resources you have and the goals you want to achieve. Our experts can help you plan the transition, train your employees, and provide the necessary support for a smooth Zoho Projects integration.

In addition to Zoho Projects, Cofinia offers companies a complete set of services such as Zoho Books for accounting, Zoho Analytics and Zoho CRM. SMBs can benefit from affordable pricing and a team of experts when they integrate one of these software into their operations and improve their customer relationship management.

There are 5 different stages in the life of a project: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and finally closing. Zoho Project is here to help you with planning, executing, and monitoring and controlling the lifecycle of your project.

1. Initiation

The initial part of a project starts with a problem that needs a solution. It is the idea and overall goal or desired outcome of the project. Zoho Project doesn’t help with brainstorming, it’s there to bring your existing ideas to life. The inception phase includes all the market research and data needed to support the idea of the project.

2. Planning

The process of planning a project involves all the steps that need to be taken in order to execute the project. Planning a project includes an estimated budget, a detailed schedule, the tasks that need to be done and by whom. Zoho Project offers templates and pages to follow during the planning process, which greatly simplifies the creation of a project plan. This helps ensure that you have considered all aspects of the project.

3. Execution

Carry out the tasks that were foreseen in the planning phase in order to carry out the project and bring it to life. Execution can be difficult if employees are not on the same page. With the help of Zoho, all employees will have access to the progress of the project and know where they need to contribute.

4. Monitoring and control

Once the project is complete, it can be set up for use and testing by customers. During its trial period, the team actively observes the evolution of the project and the points that could be improved. Changes are made to meet user requests to make the project a success. This is at this phase of the life of a project where we check whether the results are those expected of the project.

5. Closing

Closing can mean a lot of things in the lifecycle of a project, it can be when the project ends or continues without further follow-up. Closure can either mean that the project was a success and there are no more changes needed, or that it was a disaster and has not improved despite monitoring and control.

Zoho One is the mega-program available to help build strong and efficient businesses. In addition to Zoho Project, you can benefit from other programs that will help you improve your productivity and profitability. All aspects of business are taken into consideration with Zoho One as it comes packed with plenty of apps (up to 45 apps) to help you navigate day-to-day tasks, here are the ones you could benefit from:

  • Zoho Recruit – Automate the HR process to allow employees to focus on human contact and better manage their time.
  • Zoho Mail – Empower your staff with organized email and collaboration tools.
  • Zoho Books – Designed to help businesses keep track of their finances.
  • Zoho CRM – Integrate new technological advancements for sales and marketing.
  • Zoho Contracts – Stay up to date with relevant legal advice for business management.
  • Zoho Analytics – Use artificial intelligence to conduct market research and extract important insights from dashboard templates.
  • Zoho Desk – Deliver new and improved customer service to all your customers.
  • And much more !
Join our team in {location(villes} to learn more about ZOHO projects and its integration

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