18 June 2020

Has your PACME request been refused? Here are the alternatives available to you!

How to reduce accounting costs?

How to reduce accounting costs?   Cost reduction is one of the main objectives of any business in order to improve its profitability. If this is

8 common accounting mistakes to avoid

8 Common Accounting Mistakes to Avoid For a business leader, accounting is generally nothing exciting. We have to invoice, pay our employees, remit our taxes, pay

The business case for a service business

The business case for a service business With cloud applications, it is increasingly easy to have (almost) real-time access to the financial performance of our

Going into Business 101

Going into Business 101   Quebec is teeming with people ready to start a business, with new, incongruous, sometimes questionable but often innovative and value-creating

What is a debenture?

The debenture is a long-term financing instrument used mainly by companies that have a regular source of income. In recent years, we have regularly seen this

Zoho CRM 101 Glossary

Zoho CRM 101 Glossary | Cofinia Consulting Thinking of implementing a CRM? But what does it eat in winter and how does it work? The implementation of a

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