Has your PACME request been refused? Here are the alternatives available to you!

Has your PACME request been refused? Here are the alternatives available to you!


The concerted actions program for job retention ( PACME -COVID-19) was launched on April 6 to provide direct financial support to businesses and self-employed workers to promote training, the development of digital skills as well as the implementation of good management practices .

However, the Company and Collective Promoter components of the C oncerted Actions Program for Maintaining Employment having been extremely popular, the maximum financial capacity was reached on May 27th. In this sense it is no longer possible to submit a new application .

Companies are therefore invited to check whether it is possible to join a training project accepted by the PACME Collective Promoters section . Here is the List of accepted projects.


Business component – ​​Requests made before May 27 will be analyzed and you will be directed to a training project accepted by PACME or to another program corresponding to the needs of your business.

Group promoters component – ​​Applications made before June 15 will be analyzed according to the criteria established for this component. If a request was made after June 15, you will be directed to a training project accepted by PACME or to another program.

Apart from PACME, many other training programs are available for the different needs of companies ( Other aid programs ). Here are a few that caught our attention:

– Digital Transformation – Quebec City

Entrepreneurial Vision 2023 – Productivity and digital transformation.

Objective :

Contribution to help companies in the acquisition, integration and deployment of technologies, including digital ones, aimed at improving productivity. The project must be carried out within the framework of a structured organizational strategic plan aimed at growth and improving profitability.

Example of an eligible project : A company implements new production management software to improve its productivity.

City contribution

  • Non-refundable contribution of a maximum amount of $100,000 per project.
  • Maximum of 50% of eligible expenses.
  • The maximum active funding per 2-year period for all of the Ville de Québec’s economic development funding programs is $500,000, in this calculation non-refundable assistance is considered at 100% of its value, whereas reimbursable assistance is considered at 50%

For all the other details of this program, visit the Digital Transformation – City of Quebec .

To find out more about other municipal programs, we invite you to visit the website of the municipality in which your business is located.

 Here are two alternative programs to PACME offered by Emploi-Québec:

– Workforce training measure

This alternative measure aims to support the development of the skills of your staff members . This measure is also aimed at maintaining expertise within your company.

Financed by the Labor Market Development Fund , the financial assistance granted allows you to help you define your training needs, carry out this training and evaluate the effectiveness of the training followed.


  •  You are not a public body or a political organization
  • The training activity will keep your staff employed, develop the performance of your employees and benefit other employees

To benefit from this measure, you must contact the local employment center in your region. ( Labour training measure )

– Consultation for employment

This assistance program is intended to encourage companies struggling with human resource management issues . Consultation therefore aims to promote, by companies, the consultation of their employees in order to find lasting solutions.

Through this measure, the company receives support and financial assistance to set up consultation and solutions committees.

This measure is divided into three categories:

  1. Business interventions (coaching, development, management skills, job stabilization, HR management support)
  2. Interventions in partnership (implementation of measures, support, other consultation projects)
  3. Sector interventions (sector workforce committees and advisory committees)


  •  Be a business, organization, self-employed worker, etc.
  • The company must hold an NEQ
  • Consultation activities must mainly concern HR management issues

Financial aid

Thus, not only training costs are eligible, but also fees and travel expenses for consultations, rental costs for carrying out consultation activities, etc.

The financial assistance provided will depend on the company’s financial capacity to assume the cost of the consultation activities. Assistance of 50% of eligible expenses can generally be expected , with the rest of the costs being borne by the company.

Finally, this aid is granted for a maximum period of 12 months , but it is possible to request extensions.

For more information or to benefit from this measure, we invite you to contact a local employment center or a Services Québec office. ( Consultation measure for employment )

 Visit the Government of Canada website to find out about grants and funding for businesses: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/businesses/subsidies.html

 **A handy tool for finding financial aid, grants, tax credits, etc. depending on the type of your business and its needs: Innovation Canada

 Of course, what we have suggested to you in this article is exhaustive since there is a panoply of aids for different types of businesses. We leave you some interesting links.

Govt. Canada helps businesses ,  BDC ,  EDC ,  Femmessor ,  PARI , Canexport ,  Alliance Grant ,  Elevation Program ,  Eureka ,  Organization of working time – Govt. Quebec


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