17 November 2021

SME financing | What is self-financing?

SME financing | What is self-financing?

SME financing | What is self-financing? It can be difficult for a young company to obtain financing because of the risk involved in the eyes of investors and banking

Going into Business 101

Going into Business 101   Quebec is teeming with people ready to start a business, with new, incongruous, sometimes questionable but often innovative and value-creating

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Why do you need GCH software?

In today’s competitive market ecosystem, it can be difficult to maintain a productive and motivated workforce. As companies grow and evolve,…

What is accounting software?

Accounting software is a fundamental part of any business. It doesn’t matter if a company sells shoes or motors, accounting and…

Zoho CRM 101 Glossary

Zoho CRM 101 Glossary |Cofinia Consulting Thinking of implementing a CRM? But what does it eat in winter and how does…