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As a business owner, do you seek a secure, economical, and efficient solution for managing employee payments, payroll taxes, social benefits, overtime, leave management, and more? Look no further than Cofinia’s comprehensive payroll software. Designed to eliminate errors, secure your information, and save you time, our software serves as a valuable tool for any business.

A recognized payroll software guaranteeing peace of mind

We use recognized software in the market; EmployerD, Nethris, ADP, and many others. A quality payroll software helps to avoid errors, omissions and guarantees the security of your information! Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our solution for SMEs.

Cofinia offers companies a complete payroll software management service

Why entrust your payroll management to Cofinia?

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Quebec can greatly benefit from the use of simple and effective payroll software. The integration of this software not only saves time on payroll processing, but also benefits from the great expertise of our team of accountants.

Benefits of our payroll software for your business

Time-saving payroll processing

Our full-service payroll software is built to streamline your operations, allowing you to focus on business growth instead of spending countless hours on payroll. Cofinia handles everything, from tracking employee hours to generating paychecks, ensuring a smooth process every time.

Cost-effective and efficient payroll management

Cofinia’s Payroll Software is not only user-friendly, but it also provides value for your money. You pay only for what you need, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. With features like direct deposit and unlimited payroll runs, managing employee payments has never been easier.

Ensuring payroll compliance and accuracy

Avoid the stress of errors and omissions in your payroll with our software. Cofinia ensures full compliance with tax forms and regulations, providing peace of mind for you and your employees. Our team of professionals is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

Employee self-service for increased satisfaction

Our payroll software features an intuitive employee self-service portal, giving your workers access to their payslips, tax forms, and benefits information at any time. This not only increases transparency but also boosts employee satisfaction.

Cofinia payroll management services

Social advantages

Group Insurance

Expense Accounts


T4 and Relevé 1


Payroll posting

Record of Employment

Annual summaries (CNESST)

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Payroll software Quebec

Experience the power of full-service payroll software

Recognized and trusted payroll software for ensuring compliance

Our payroll software uses trusted applications like EmployeurD, Nethis, and ADP to ensure the security and confidentiality of your payroll data. With automated social security declarations and tax filing, our software guarantees accurate and timely compliance.

Safeguarding your payroll information with rigorous security

Naturally, we undertake payroll management with rigorous security measures to protect both your and your employees’ information. We rely on expert IT management and security specialists to safeguard our workstations, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Simplified employee payments and setup

Cofinia’s Payroll Software automates the process of calculating salaries, deductions, and benefits, simplifying employee payments. Whether you prefer checks or direct deposits, our software caters to your needs.

Hassle-free year-end tax form management (T4 and Relevé 1)

Take the stress out of year-end by letting Cofinia handle important tax documents like T4 and Relevé 1 slips. Focus on planning for the new year while we take care of the paperwork.

Payroll software Quebec

Additional services offered by Cofinia

In addition to a quality payroll service, Cofinia offers accounting services, optimization of your accounting management, and accounting outsourcing. We also offer a range of financial services to facilitate informed decision-making.

To learn more about our services and find out how our payroll software can help you, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to simplify your payroll processes and help you focus on what really matters – growing your business.

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If you are looking for a simple and effective payroll solution, contact us today. We are committed to providing you with the best payroll software and payroll management services to help you optimize your payroll processes, save time and resources, and focus on growing your business. We look forward to helping you succeed!

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FAQs on Cofinia's management services and payroll softwares

Payroll software is an application used to manage, organize, and automate the employee payment tasks of a business. Our cloud-based payroll solution not only calculates worker wages but also tracks time, manages employee directory, handles deductions for payroll taxes, and automates deposit plans.

The price of payroll software can vary greatly depending on the level of service, the number of employees, and additional features required. Cofinia offers a basic payroll service at a competitive month per employee rate, with the option to add on extra services at an additional cost. We also offer custom quotes to suit your specific needs.

Health insurance and employee benefits management

One of the key features of our payroll software is the efficient management of employee benefits. Whether it’s health insurance or other employee perks, our system ensures everything is managed in one place, easily accessible to both you and your employees.

Seamless integration of new hires

Adding new employees to your system is a breeze with Cofinia’s Payroll Software. From setting up their payroll to tracking their attendance and time, our software ensures smooth onboarding and seamless integration into your business operations.

Customizable payroll plans

Cofinia understands that every business has unique needs. That’s why our payroll software offers customizable plans, allowing you to tailor the services to your specific requirements. Whether you need to run payroll monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly, our system supports unlimited payroll runs to accommodate your business needs.

Business software for today’s businesses

We have developed our payroll software with the modern business owner in mind. The interface is user-friendly, making it easy for you and your employees to navigate. Plus, the software integrates seamlessly with your existing business software, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient ongoing operations.

Dedicated customer service

At Cofinia, we pride ourselves on our dedicated customer service. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, from the initial setup and training to ongoing support. We understand the importance of payroll management in your business, and we’re committed to making the process as seamless as possible.

Payroll tax filing simplified

Our payroll software takes the complexity out of payroll tax filing. It calculates, files, and pays your payroll taxes on your behalf, ensuring you stay compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. You can rest assured knowing that your payroll tax obligations are being handled by experts.

Yes, Cofinia offers flexible payment methods, including same-day direct deposit and paper checks. We understand that every business is unique, so we offer a wide range of payment options to suit your needs.

Absolutely, our online payroll software can seamlessly integrate with many popular accounting software solutions. This integration can simplify your accounting processes and save you valuable time.

Yes, our software offers robust time tracking and attendance tracking features, making it easier to manage worker hours and overtime. We also offer next-day direct deposit to ensure employees are paid promptly.

Absolutely. Our software has the capability to manage a variety of employee benefits, including retirement plans. This feature makes it easier for your employees to manage their benefits and for you to oversee your workforce’s retirement plans.

Security is our top priority. Our software provides secure document storage and management features to keep your sensitive information safe.

Yes, our software can generate W-2 forms and take care of automatic tax filing, helping you to stay compliant with tax regulations without any extra effort.

We have designed our user interface to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, while still offering a wide range of payroll options and custom fields to suit your business’s unique needs.

Our payroll systems come with hire reporting features, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with your new hires and their associated documentation.

Absolutely! Cofinia provides a dedicated payroll specialist for our payroll software services. They are available to assist with any questions or issues you may have.

Yes, with Cofinia’s employee access feature, employees can view their pay stubs, manage their benefits, and more through a secure online portal. This transparency helps to keep employees informed and engaged.

Our solution is a full-service payroll solution, providing payroll administrators with a comprehensive suite of features at a reasonable monthly base fee. In contrast, other payroll software options may charge extra for features such as automatic tax filing or background checks, which are included in our service.

At Cofinia, we believe in transparency. The price you see in your plan includes all the features stated, with no hidden costs. Any additional features outside your chosen plan will be discussed and agreed upon before implementation.

What if I need to add custom fields in the payroll system? 

Our payroll software allows for the addition of custom fields. This flexibility lets you tailor the software to meet your specific business needs.

What is a payroll provider? 

A payroll provider like Cofinia offers payroll management services using top-rated online payroll software. Our services include managing worker payments, handling payroll taxes, overseeing retirement plans, and more.

How much does Cofinia’s payroll management service cost? 

The price of our service varies depending on the level of service needed, the number of employees per month, and any additional features you may require. We offer competitive pricing and custom quotes tailored to your business needs.

What payroll software does Cofinia use? 

As a dedicated payroll specialist, Cofinia uses industry-recognized payroll systems such as EmployeurD, Nethris, and ADP. We choose the best software options to ensure efficient and accurate payroll processes.

Can Cofinia help with time tracking and attendance?

Absolutely! The payroll software we use has features for time tracking and attendance tracking, which can help businesses keep a precise record of their workers’ hours.

What are the payment options with Cofinia’s service? 

Cofinia’s payroll service provides a wide range of payment options including direct deposit options, next-day direct deposit, and issuing paper checks. We can also handle same-day direct deposit for urgent payroll needs.

How does Cofinia handle payroll taxes? 

Our payroll services include automatic tax filing to ensure compliance with tax laws. This includes managing payroll taxes, W-2 forms, and other necessary tax documents.

Q: Can Cofinia’s service integrate with my current accounting software? A: Yes, our payroll services can seamlessly integrate with various types of accounting software. This enables a smoother flow of financial information and helps reduce the time spent on accounting tasks.

What type of employee access does Cofinia offer?

Through our services, we provide an employee portal where your workforce can access their payroll information, manage their benefits, and more. This promotes transparency and empowers your employees.

Can Cofinia assist with hire reporting and document management? 

Yes, we offer hire reporting services and secure document storage solutions. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your employee directory, store background checks, and more.

What are the benefits of using Cofinia’s payroll management services over managing payroll in-house? 

With Cofinia, you get access to a dedicated payroll specialist who handles your payroll processes. This not only saves you time and resources but also ensures accuracy and compliance. Plus, our service is scalable to the size of your business, from basic payroll needs to more complex systems.

Is there a monthly base fee for using Cofinia’s services? 

The cost structure of our payroll services depends on the number of employees per month and the level of service needed. We can provide a base price upon request and also offer custom quotes based on your specific requirements.

What is the difference between using QuickBooks for payroll and using Cofinia’s services? 

QuickBooks is a cloud-based accounting software that includes payroll features. However, Cofinia’s payroll management services go beyond just software. We offer a dedicated specialist to manage your payroll, ensure compliance, and provide assistance, which you might not get when using QuickBooks for payroll on your own.

What other accounting services does Cofinia offer?

In addition to an excellent payroll service, Cofinia offers bookkeeping services, optimization of your accounting management, or accounting outsourcing services. We also offer several financial services to our clients, such as financial modeling, to help them make informed decisions!

What administrative management software is used by Cofinia?

Cofinia uses payroll software and applications that are recognized in the industry and that have proven themselves for many years with Quebec SMEs, such as EmployeurD, Nethis and ADP.

Cofinia also uses the ZOHO software for many of its services. We have developed an expertise in this software that will allow you to optimize all facets of your business.

Learn more about ZOHO and Cofinia’s payroll software opportunities!